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National Lampoon's Blackball (2005) DVD Cover

National Lampoon's Blackball Plot

Try as he might, Cliff Starkey just can't keep out of trouble. With a dead- end career, there's not much that makes him want to get out of bed in the mornings… except his one passion: Lawn Bowls. Almost as soon as he learned how to walk, he displayed a genius for the sport. To the dismay of the elderly, uptight bowls fraternity in town, Cliff honed his mastery of the game alone, playing by no one's rules but his own. But the time has come for his skill to be recognized, and Rick Schwartz (Vince Vaughn), an American sports agent, is going to ensure that this ‘Bad Boy' of bowls gets the spotlight he deserves. Cliff's rock ‘n' roll attitude and army of screaming female fans soon take England by storm, but can he take on the stuffy, business-like attitude of the Bowls Association and his senior arch-rival, Ray Speight? Starkey is only one match away from super-stardom as he competes with Ray in a ball-busting championship showdown!

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