Shutdown Movies

Status: Shutdown

Shutdown: Financiers and production companies have abandoned their attempt to develop movies in this stage. Therefore, any cast and crew that were involved with the movie are likely no longer attached. In some cases, shutdown movies restart development, often with new producers and cast. In other cases, such as X-Men Origins: Magneto or Spider-Man 4, the specific movies reach dead ends, but the franchises continue with other movies.


Set at the end of WWII, an Army nurse takes a second honeymoon in Scotland with her husband and finds herself transported back to a time when the clans ruled the Highlands and her husband's English ancestors are the enemy.

Motor CityTBA

A small time hood is framed and sent to prison, only to exact revenge years later.

Bizarro SupermanTBA

The story of Superman's nemesis, who is an evil version of the Man of Steel.


A dark, twisted retelling of the famous Carlo Collodi fairy tale about the wooden puppet who dreams of becoming a real boy. When Pinocchio comes to life, he turns out not to be that nice of a boy, creating mischief and playing mean tricks. He eventually learns a few lessons.

Sex and the City 3TBA

Rumored third installment of HBO's Sex and the City.

Troll HunterTBA

An English-language remake of the documentary-style thriller in which students discover a mysterious man who turns out to be a troll hunter.

Umbrella AcademyTBA

A disbanded group of seven superheroes reunite after the death of their adoptive father, an alien disguised as a famous entrepreneur, and carry out his plan to save the world.


A boy lives on an island off the coast of Ireland, where his father is the king's bodyguard. When the king is murdered, the boy is blamed for the crime and thrown into prison where he passes the solitary months designing a flying machine that he will use to save his family.

The StoneheartTBA

A 12-year-old London boy enters a hidden alternate world where statues, imbued with the soul like essence of their makers, come to life. The boy's presence upsets a balance between good and evil, and while dealing with such creatures as sphinxes and gargoyles, he teams with an orphan girl and the st... more


Five reluctant heroes' remarkable genetic code make them Earth's only hope of defeating extraterrestrial invaders.

The PassageTBA

When terminally ill patients become healthy after they are bitten by bats in South America, and the government decides to conduct secret tests on human subjects to see if the virus can cure illness. The result is an apocalyptic unleashing of bloodthirsty vampire test subjects that include death row ... more

Dragonball SequelTBA

While a script for the sequel has been written, no details are yet known.

Best Friends ForeverTBA

A pair of girlfriends known for their constant high school hijinks turn a parent's house into a casino for a night.

Blackwood FarmsTBA

Quinn Blackwood, a brilliant young man, has been haunted since birth by a mysterious doppelganger, “Goblin,” a spirit from a dream world that Quinn can't escape and that prevents him from belonging anywhere.

Sinister SixTBA

The film will focus on Spider-Man’s villains.

The Tale of the Body ThiefTBA

Lestat, depressed and lonely after centuries as a vampire, decides to transfer souls for a day with a psychic, who after the transfer reveals that he has no intention of switching back. Lestat, now in a human body and with the help of some friends, must track the man down and get his body back.


A half-chicken, half-rabbit goes on adventures with his shelled sidekick, Abe, facing monstrous creatures and demonic critters.

Yellow SubmarineTBA

A remake of the 1968 animated feature of the same name, which is based on music by the Beatles. The movie, a hit when it was released, is about a soldier called Old Fred who meets up with the Beatles and travels in a yellow submersible to Pepperland. Among the group's encounters are the Blue Meanies... more


Singer Frank Sinatra parlays his golden voice into a trip from New Jersey to Hollywood. He has the world on a string as he romances the most beautiful women in town, cuts a swath with his Rat Pack pals and makes films, including The Manchurian Candidate, From Here To Eternity and Pal Joey.

Blood MeridianTBA

Based on the 1985 novel by Cormac McCarthy about a group of scalp hunters in the US-Mexico borderlands in 1850.