Soundtracks Released November 15, 2011

Tuesday, November 15

Happy Feet Two

The animated sequel returns audiences to Antarctica, reuniting us with the world’s most famous tap-dancing penguin, Mumble (Elijah Wood), the love of his life, Gloria (Alecia Moore {Pink}) and their old friends Ramon and Lovelace (Robin Williams). Mumble and Gloria now have a son of their own, Erik (Elizabeth Daily), who is struggling to find his own particular talents in the Emperor Penguin world. But new dangers are threatening the penguin nation, and it’s going to take everyone working—and dancing—together to save them.
Brad Pitt, Elijah Wood, Robin Williams, Sofia Vergara, George Miller, Elizabeth Daily, Doug Mitchell, Hank Azaria
Adventure Sequel Musical Family Animation 3D Shot-In-3D
90 mins

A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas

The new "Harold & Kumar" comedy picks up six years after the duo's last adventure. After years of growing apart, Harold Lee (John Cho) and Kumar Patel (Kal Penn) have replaced each other with new best friends and are preparing for their respective Christmas celebrations. But when a mysterious package arrives at Kumar's door, his attempt to deliver it to Harold's house ends with him inadvertently burning down Harold's father-in-law's prize Christmas tree. With his in-laws out of the house for less than a day, Harold decides to cover his tracks rather than come clean, and reluctantly embarks on another ill-advised journey with Kumar, taking them through New York City on Christmas Eve in search of the perfect Christmas tree.
Danny Trejo, Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Kahane, Jon Hurwitz, Patton Oswalt, Thomas Lennon, Michael Disco, Todd Strauss Schulson
Comedy Sequel Romance 3D

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked

On vacation aboard a luxury cruise ship, Alvin, Simon, Theodore and the Chipettes are up to their usual antics, turning the ship into their personal playground, until they become 'chipwrecked' on a desert island. As Dave Seville frantically searches for his AWOL charges, the 'Munks and Chipettes do what they do best – sing, dance and wreak havoc. But they're in for a surprise when they embark on an island adventure with their new friend – a castaway who's more than a match for Alvin and the Chipmunks.
Anna Faris, Karen Rosenfelt, Jonathan Aibel, Matthew Gray Gubler, Ross Bagdasarian, Justin Long, David Cross, Jenny Slate
Comedy Sequel Family Animation 3D Shot-In-3D Live-Action/CGI
90 mins

Puss in Boots

"Puss in Boots" will star Antonio Banderas as Puss In Boots and Salma Hayek as Kitty, Puss' love interest. Swords will cross and hearts will be broken in this adventure starring one of the most beloved characters of the Shrek universe - Puss In Boots. It's a swashbuckling ride through Puss's early years as he teams with mastermind Humpty Dumpty and the street-savvy Kitty to steal the famed Goose that lays the Golden Eggs.
Chris Miller, Antonio Banderas, Guillermo del Toro, David H. Steinberg, Tom Wheeler, Salma Hayek, Zach Galifianakis, David Lipman
Action Adventure Family Kids Animation Prequel 3D

The Descendants

Set in Hawaii, a wealthy landowner takes his two daughters on a search for his wife's lover in the hopes of keeping his family together.
Alexander Payne, Jim Burke, Judy Greer, Jim Rash, George Clooney, Shailene Woodley, Jim Thomas, Nat Faxon
Comedy Family

My Week With Marilyn

In the early summer of 1956, 23 year-old Colin Clark, just down from Oxford and determined to make his way in the film business, worked as a lowly assistant on the set of The Prince and the Showgirl, the film that united Sir Laurence Olivier with Marilyn Monroe, who, whilst shooting, was also on honeymoon with her new husband, the playwright Arthur Miller.
Kenneth Branagh, Eddie Redmayne, Emma Watson, Michelle Williams, Simon Curtis, Dominic Cooper, Judi Dench, David Parfitt


Sigur Ros' November 2008 performances at London's Alexandra Palace, captured on rough, high-contrast monochrome HD.
Vincent Morisset
Documentary Music

Tuesday, November 15