Free Birds


Friday, November 1, 2013 Nationwide2D/3D
On Blu-ray & DVD
MPAA Rating
PG for some action/peril and rude humor.
1 hour, 25 minutes

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Two birds from opposite sides of the tracks join forces and travel through time to get their species off people's plates. Reggie (voiced by Owen Wilson) was an ordinary turkey, until one Thanksgiving he was pardoned by the President. Unaware of the fate he’s escaped, Reggie is living large and enjoying the good life at Camp David. But when Reggie is kidnapped by Jake (voiced by Woody Harrelson), the rebel leader of a turkey uprising, he discovers a horrifying secret: Turkeys aren’t honored holiday guests- they’re tasty holiday meals! Jake and Reggie hijack a top secret time machine and travel back in time to 1621, to the first Thanksgiving to take themselves off the menu.

Additional Notes

  • Helmed by Jimmy Hayward, director of box office hit Horton Hears A Who! and animator on such films as Disney/Pixar's Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc.