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ProducerExecutive Producer

Producer (59 movies)
Wonder Woman (Former) 2017
The Nice Guys 2016
The Gunman 2015
Non-Stop 2014
Home Invasion 2014
The Apparition 2012
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows 2011
Unknown 2011
Predators 2010
The Losers 2010
The Book of Eli 2010
Ninja Assassin 2009
Whiteout 2009
Orphan 2009
RocknRolla 2008
Speed Racer 2008
The Brave One 2007
The Reaping 2007
V for Vendetta 2006
House of Wax 2005
The Matrix: Revolutions 2003
The Matrix: Reloaded 2003
Cradle 2 the Grave 2003
The Matrix 1999
The Gamekeeper
Empire Development
Sgt. Rock Development
The Dirty Dozen Concept
Dodging Bullets
Logan's Run Pre-Production
Forbidden Planet Development
The Summoner Development
Masters of the Universe (Former) Development
Hot Wheels (Former) Development
Fully Automatic Development
Conviction Development
The Factory Complete
The Nye Incidents Development
Altered Carbon (Former) Development
Shadow 19 Development
Swamp Thing Development
Lobo Development
Motor City Development
Lost in La Mancha Announced
World War X Development
Dragon Eyes Complete
The Demonologists (Former) Development
Dark Moon Development
Gypsy Development
Lethal Weapon Development
Line of Sight Development
The Last Photograph (In Talks) Development
Ben 10 Development
Sanctuary Announced
Straight Edge Announced
Cash Truck Announced
Escape From New York Development
Weird Science Remake Announced
The Outsider (Former) Development

Executive Producer (3 movies)
Project X 2012
Transit Complete
El Gringo Complete

Limited credits available; non-exhaustive filmography

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