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Status: Development As of April 5, 2018

Development: Story selection and rights acquired; idea being crafted into usable script; financing and casting attachments sought; aiming for 'greenlight'. Warner Bros. is still developing the project - Jason Fuchs will do a rewrite on the script.

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TBA | Action Adventure

An alien works as an interstellar mercenary and bounty hunter.

U.S. Release Date

Lobo release date is set for To Be Announced (TBA)


Akiva Goldsman
Joel Silver

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Directed by


Jason Fuchs


Rating MPAA

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Lobo, a large and gruff bounty hunter, roams the starways looking for new work to sink his teeth into. Landing on earth in search of 4 interstellar fugitives, he is assisted by a teenage girl to track them down.

Trivia & Production Notes

  • Based on the character LOBO and his many appearances across the comic book landscape since his creation in 1983 by Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen.
  • Warner Bros is seeing this project as a possible directing vehicle for Michael Bay (Hollywood Reporter, 2/8/18). Screenwriter Jason Fuchs will rewrite the script to scale down the project while still keeping the director’s interest.

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