Movies in Development

Status: Development

Development: Producers select story and/or acquire rights to underlying intellectual property (e.g. adaptation, remake, video game, etc.) and work with screenwriter(s) to craft a story outline into a workable script in an effort to garner a “greenlight” for the film from the financing studio and/or production company. An agreement for a major star or director to join the film can boost a project's prospects of securing financing, but those arrangements can reverse if scheduling and other details do not work. Films in this stage can languish for months, years, or fall apart completely.

Downton AbbeyTBA

Follows the lives of an aristocratic English family.

The ColonelTBA

Colonel Tom Parker, né Andreas van Kuijk, arrives in America as a 20-year old undocumented Dutch immigrant in 1929. Parker, a Svengali-like manager, builds Elvis Presley into a global music and film star, and takes 50% of all his earnings.

The Accountant 2TBA

The small-town certified public accountant makes his living uncooking the books of criminal organizations.

MacGruber 2TBA

Laid back secret agentMacGruber returns.

Second ActTBA

A big box store employee reinvents her life and her lifestyle, which gets her the chance to prove to Madison Avenue that street smarts are as valuable as a college degree.

Wonder Woman 2TBA

Wonder Woman returns...


Covers a history of the changing perceptions of autism over the past 80 years, going back to the research of Leo Kanner and Hans Asperger.

The Twilight ZoneTBA

Centers on one central storyline with elements from the Twilight Zone universe.

xXx 4TBA

More adventures with Xander Cage.

The Parts You LoseTBA

When a young deaf boy comes across a wounded man in a snowdrift, he moves him to a nearby barn and helps nurse him back to health. Before long, it becomes clear how dangerous this man is, and the unlikely friendship that develops between the two may have grave consequences.

White House ChefTBA

A Chinese chef working in the White House must save the first family after he becomes unintentionally involved in a secret terrorist plot targeting an important state dinner.

Three SistersTBA

No plot details announced yet.

In The Skin of a LionTBA

Patrick Lewis arrives in Toronto in the 1920s and earns his living searching for a vanished millionaire and tunneling beneath Lake Ontario.

The House with a Clock in its WallsTBA

Lewis Barnavelt moves into his uncle’s spooky old Victorian mansion. Strange noises lead the boy to find secret passageways, hidden rooms and the unsettling discovery his peculiar uncle is a warlock. Lewis finds his uncle's spell book and unwittingly resurrects an evil wizard who sets in motion a ... more

The ForceTBA

Tells the story of a corrupt detective in the NYPD’s most elite crime-fighting unit. Sgt. Denny Malone is forced to choose between his family, his partners and his life.

Beasts of BurdenTBA

A series of supernatural events occur causing a gang of dogs and one cat to team up in order to keep their owners and the town’s residents safe.

Call of DutyTBA

Based on the a first-person shooter video game developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision. The game simulates the infantry and combined arms warfare of World War II.

The ShaveTBA

Tells the story of an LAPD officer, recently exonerated in the murder of a high school honor student, who visits the boy’s father at his barbershop. While receiving a straight razor shave, he listens to the father recount the story of his son’s life.

One in the ChamberTBA

Follows an ex-Marine who finds himself deep in the jungles of Asia searching for his son who has been taken hostage by the most dangerous man in Cambodia.

The TrapTBA

Follows a reclusive author who sets the perfect trap for her sister’s murderer after she becomes convinced she has seen the killer on TV.