Movies in Development

Status: Development

Development: Producers select story and/or acquire rights to underlying intellectual property (e.g. adaptation, remake, video game, etc.) and work with screenwriter(s) to craft a story outline into a workable script in an effort to garner a “greenlight” for the film from the financing studio and/or production company. An agreement for a major star or director to join the film can boost a project's prospects of securing financing, but those arrangements can reverse if scheduling and other details do not work. Films in this stage can languish for months, years, or fall apart completely.

Genus TBA

A scientist accidentally brings back a prehistoric form of human species.

Star Wars: Boba Fett TBA

A Boba Fett origin story - follows the world of bounty hunters in the galaxy.

The Six Billion Dollar Man 2020

The story follows military officer, Steve Austin, who becomes part of a top secret government program after a horrific accident leaves him near death. With the help of cutting edge technology, Steve is brought back to life with extraordinary abilities, making him the world’s first truly bionic m ... more

Grant TBA

Story of one of the most complicated military leaders-turned politicians in American history, Ulysses S. Grant.

In the Heights TBA

Takes place over three days in the upper Manhattan neighborhood of Washington Heights, where a bodega owner inherits his late grandmother's lottery winnings and plans to shutter his store and retire on a beach in the Dominican Republic. Trying to say farewell to the characters who live on the block, ... more

Thug TBA

An ex-journeyman boxer and aging enforcer for a San Pedro Gangster attempts to get back into the lives of his estranged children and clean up the messes of his past while coming to terms with the ruined landscape of his twenty-year career in crime all the while as the criminal underworld won't loose ... more

Uptown Saturday Night TBA

Two estranged friends have their wallets stolen at a nightclub. The next morning, they learn that one of their wallets contained a winning lottery ticket, and together, they set out to find it.

Hitler in Los Angeles TBA

Leon Lewis, a Jewish lawyer, leads a spy ring that includes ex-Klansmen and the son of a German general. While law enforcement is busy chasing ineffectual communists, Lewis’ ring stops several outlandish plots to kidnap or kill prominent Hollywood figures like Al Jolson, Charlie Chaplin and Samuel ... more

No Baggage TBA

A woman and a man travel to eight countries in 21 days without changing clothes. The couple jumps from city to city using almost every mode of transportation on earth: an old train along the Turkish coast, a giant ferry across the Aegean, a cramped bus through the Balkans, a series of hitches throug ... more

Radiant TBA

20th century musical radical and multi-hyphenate George Antheil has an unlikely friendship with movie star Hedy Lamarr. Despite their day jobs in entertainment, the two possess an intense desire to defeat the Nazis and thus invent and patent a secret communications system in 1941 which sketches out ... more

Friday Night Lights TBA

Captures the glory, heart, sweat, heartbreak and pressure that goes into small-town America’s obsession with high school football each fall Friday night.

The Stars in My Soul TBA

Hakeem Oluseyi grows up in Louisiana. When his parents divorce, he has to find his own way through life. Through pure will and perseverance, Hakeem ends up becoming a NASA astrophysicist.

The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard TBA

Described in the Cannes market catalog as "The Good. The Bad. And the Batshit cray."

Dali Land TBA

A biopic of surrealist painter Salvador Dali.

Sweet Lamb Of Heaven TBA

Anna, a young mother, escapes her cold and unfaithful husband, Ned, a businessman who's just launched his first campaign for political office. Ned chases Anna and their six-year-old daughter from Alaska to Maine, and the two go into hiding in a run-down motel on the coast.

Toff Guys TBA

A very English drug lord attempts to cash out on his highly profitable empire by selling it off to a dynasty of Oklahoma billionaires.

Piece Of Mind TBA

Follows 27-year old Lucy, who sustained a traumatic brain injury when she was three.

Rambo V TBA

When the daughter of one of his friends is kidnapped, Rambo, who has been working on a ranch, crosses the U.S.-Mexican border and quickly finds himself up against the full might of one of Mexico’s most violent cartels.

The Heavy TBA

Described as a subversive superhero story.

355 TBA

Top agents from all across the globe unite to prevent an organization from acquiring a weapon that could plunge the world into chaos.