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Follows the story of a teenage girl and her unlikely group of adventurers. After the malevolent Ender Dragon sets out on a path of destruction, they must save their beautiful, blocky Overworld.


Two twentysomething best friends are unemployed and strapped for cash. They become L.A.'s most unlikely male escorts.

Mughal Mowgli

Follows a British Pakistani rapper who, on the cusp of his first world tour, is struck down by an illness that threatens to derail his big break.

M. Night Shyamalan 2021...

No plot details have been announced for M. Night Shyamalan's next film - a thriller project to be distributed by Universal Pictures.

Margie Claus

When Santa Claus goes missing while delivering presents on Christmas Eve, his sweet wife Margie Claus must then put together an unlikely rescue team and set off from the North Pole for the first time in decades to rescue Santa and save Christmas.

Mayday 109

Tells the true story of what happened when the PT boat captained by future president John F Kennedy was smashed and sunk by a Japanese destroyer.


An FBI agent travels to a moon colony to investigate its very first death.

Major League 4

20 years after the events of the first Major League, the pitcher, Wild Thing, comes out of retirement to mentor a young new player.

Massacre in the Himalayas

An international team of world-class mountain climbers, who are intent on conquering the K2 summit in Pakistan, are plunged into a grueling journey when attacked by a group of extremists.

Magic Kingdom for Sale

A recently widowed attorney, still grieving for his wife, leaves his old life behind and responds to a strange ad and spends his fortune to purchase a magical kingdom. With his reluctant teenage children, he must unite the kingdom's citizens and creatures to stop an evil demon bent on destroying the realm.

Mad, Bad and Dangerous ...

An identical twin, Alvina Knightly, goes to great lengths to steal her sister’s perfect life, which leads to sex, lies and even murder.


A group of graduate students are lured to Hawaii to work for a mysterious biotech company — only to find themselves miniaturized and cast out into the rain forest, with nothing but their scientific expertise and wits to protect them.

Middle Earth

J.R.R. Tolkien has a love affair with Edith Bratt, whom he later marries. The couple lives happily in Oxford, surrounded by friends, but when war breaks out in 1914 Tolkien embarks on four years of battle and hardship, an experience that influences his Middle Earth stories.


Judith Rashleigh works in a prestigious London auction house by day and an insalubrious bar at night. When she stumbles across a conspiracy, she ends up in a battle for her life.

Mothers, Lock Up Your D...

Three girls, born in South Korea and adopted by American families, feel isolated within their adopted families and their suburban hometown. When they discover a spell that summons the spirit of their Korean "mother," it at first seems a dream come true. But darkness lies beneath, and this spirit may be more demon than savior.