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Burial Rites

A young woman is accused of murder in Iceland in 1829 and faces becoming the last woman to be publicly executed in the country. The film will tell the story of a tragic romance set against the odds during an endless Icelandic summer.

By Any Means Necessary

The project centers on law enforcement turning to a jailed mobster to help prevent a possible terrorist attack.

Black Wings Has My Angel

An ex-convict stages a daring armed car robbery in Colorado with the help of a call girl whom he picked up in a backwoods Mississippi motel.


A FBI agent discovers an opportunity to infiltrate a cartel that has taken to launder its drug money through American quarter horse racing.

Beat the Reaper

A Manhattan emergency room doctor whose life becomes complicated when a mobster recognizes the doctor from his former life as a hitman who went into the witness protection program.

Black Money

Hired by a spurned lover to expose the suave Frenchman who has run off with his client’s girlfriend, private eye Lew Archer follows a trail that leads to a deep conspiracy as the mysterious paramour is connected to a seven-year-old suicide and a ton of gambling debts.

Black-Eyed Susans

The lone survivor of a serial killer launches her own investigation after she begins having doubts about the guilt of man convicted of the crime.

Blood on Snow

A hitman is asked to kill by his boss the man’s wife. Trouble is, the hitman falls in love with her and things get messy from there.

Blood’s A Rover

Set during the troubled times of the late 60’s and early 70’s, Joan Rosen Klein, against all odds, triumphs against her mobbed-up and politically connected foes to avenge her lost loved ones. In the process, she alters the course of history as well as the lives of the three men (a goon, an ex-cop & a private eye) who follow her.

Body Brokers

Based off true story of multibillion-dollar drug and alcohol treatment scheme. Former drug addicts and dealers recruited addicts and sold the patients off to facilities paying the highest price.


Set in early 1940s Nazi Germany in the heart of the Third Reich, a relentless detective must confront his own murderous regime in order to catch a serial killer. With Berlin firmly in the grip of panic as British bombers raid the city by night, the government implements a blackout at night with the only light coming from the phosphorous paint on every street corner, bus and commuter train.

Bright 2

Will Smith and Joel Edgerton are expected to return as mismatched colleagues, a veteran cop and his partner, an Orc, respectively.


After a prisoner transport bus plummets to the bottom of a lake, a tormented beat cop is drawn into a mysterious game of cat and mouse as he protects a potential target – the beloved ex-priest who testified against two prisoners.


Set in the ultra-violent world of organized crime, a Northern California detective destroys a cartel while keeping his undercover life secret from his family.