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Fantastic Beasts and Wh...

The fifth installment of J.K. Rowling's Fantastic Beasts trilogy (the first film hits theaters in 2016).


TBA, 2024 Nationwide

Legacy of Secrecy

After the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Mafia godfather Carlos Marcello confesses to FBI informant Jack Van Laningham to having ordered JFK's assassination. As part of a dangerous and long-secret undercover operation, the FBI had positioned Van Laningham to become confidant to Marcello, who ruled organized crime in Louisiana and most of Texas for decades.

All Is Not Forgotten

A teenage girl in picturesque suburban Connecticut is brutally attacked and raped. The girl's mother decides with her husband to give their daughter a pill to erase her short term memory so she won't relive the trauma of the rape. Slowly, the girl uncovers the identity of her assailant and remembers what happened to her, with the help of her psychiatrist, who is connected to the crime in an unpredictable and shocking way.

Fierce Invalids Home fr...

Switters, the protagonist, is an errand boy for the CIA, a secret lover of Broadway show tunes and a pedophile. On assignment in Peru (he has been ordered to verify the philosophical commitment of a new CIA recruit), Switters encounters a Kandakandero medicine man who gives him mind-altering drugs and wisdom, but in exchange inflicts a curse: if Switters's feet ever touch the ground, he will be struck dead instantly. So Switters spends the rest of the novel in a wheelchair, although this in no way slows him down. He returns to Seattle, chases after his 16-yearold stepsister and numerous art students, then embarks on a mission to Syria to sell gas masks to Kurds; there, he beds a nun who even so remains a virgin.

Teddy Bear

At night, a small brown teddy bear -- brandishing a laughably small wooden sword and shield - protects a little girl asleep from monsters under her bed.

The Lions of Lucerne

Set on the ski slopes outside Park City, Utah, as terrorists kill 30 agents and kidnap the president, then publicly demand $500 million and privately insist that an anti-fossil fuel proposal in Congress be killed

Once Upon a Time in Russia

The "Godfather of the Kremlin," Boris Berezovsky, a former mathematician's first entrepreneurial venture is an automobile reselling business. Roman Abramovich, his young protege, builds a multibillion-dollar empire on oil and aluminum.

The Genius Files

12-year-old twins are recruited to be part of a secret government experiment that uses young geniuses to solve complex national problems. The pair must fight for their lives while on a road trip with their family.


Three unlikely American Embassy workers must prevent an international war after they inadvertently cause a diplomatic crisis on the tiny South Pacific island where they’ve been stationed.


While searching for answers about his missing father, a terminally-ill teenager finds a mysterious key that unlocks a portal to an alternate animated dimension, releasing an unexpected new friend who helps him repair his broken family.

Lost in La Mancha

A "Pirates of Caribbean"-style swashbuckling version of a story in which we discover that Don Quixote isn’t crazy and that there is, in fact, a fantasy world.

The Feral Detective

Phoebe Siegler, a sarcastic and garrulous woman heads to California to try to find her best friend's missing teenage daughter. When a lead brings her to the stark and seedy desert towns just east of Los Angeles, Phoebe is put in contact with Charles Heist, a laconic, strange private eye with an uncanny ability to find those that don't want to be found, who reluctantly agrees to help. She dubs him The Feral Detective. As the unlikely pair traverse the stunning desert and its enclaves and get closer to the missing girl, their lives are placed in increasing jeopardy.

Untitled Damian Shannon...

No details have been announced, but it is described as a potential franchise starter. It is not microbudget or found-footage.

Untitled WB Event Film ...

No plot details yet. See Warner Bros' page for films in development.

21st Century Robot

Jimmy is the first-of-its-kind social interactive robot. Intel and Trossen Robotics have designed a kit that allows someone to create his or her own open-source 3D-printable robot that runs on Intel's Edison chip. With this chip, the robot is able to adapt to society and it serves as a sort of sidekick to whomever purchases it.

A Discovery of Witches

Centers on a reluctant witch and a 1,500-year-old vampire. The witch -- a direct descendant of the first woman executed in the Salem Witch trials -- accidentally unlocks an enchanted manuscript and finds herself in a race to prevent an interspecies war.