DVD & Blu-rays Coming Out April 21, 2020

Tuesday, April 21

Party Hard, Die Young

Sun, sand, sex and all-night dancing at a beautiful island resort is the perfect graduation celebration for a group of young friends looking for one last taste of freedom before they go their separate ways. But the dancing and drinking comes to a halt when people start disappearing, and a masked murderer sends the ominous message…this party will be their last! With escape to the mainland suddenly cut off and the body count rising, a wild weekend turns into a desperate and bloody nightmare of survival.
Dominik Hartl, Robert Buchschwenter, Elisabeth Wabitsch, Valerie Huber, Ferdinand Seebacher, Michael Glantschnig, Karin Lomot

Bad Boys for Life

Set around a modern, highly specialized police unit that collides with the old-school Bad Boys (Smith and Lawrence) when a new threat emerges in Miami.
Martin Lawrence, Will Smith, Chad Oman, Jerry Bruckheimer, Chris Bremner, Joe Pantoliano, James Lassiter, Bilall Fallah
Action Adventure Sequel Cop

IP Man 4: The Finale

Ip Man’s life remains unchanged after his wife’s death, but he and his son are slowly drifting apart. To seek a better future for his son, Ip Man decides to travel to the U.S. only to find the stable, peaceful life abroad is only skin deep. Underneath lies a deep rooted racial discrimination that is far worse than he has expected. Ip Man re-examines his position and ponders on the reason he took up martial arts in the beginning.
Donnie Yen, Scott Adkins, Wilson Yip, Wu Yue, Van Ness
Drama Action Martial Arts

Tuesday, April 21