DVD & Blu-rays Released December 13, 2022

Tuesday, December 13

122 mins

Call Jane R

Set in 1960s Chicago, Call Jane focuses on the true story of an underground network of suburban women who secretly provide safe abortions for women in need pre-Roe v. Wade.
Kate Mara, Elizabeth Banks, Wunmi Mosaku, Chris Messina, Phyllis Nagy, Robbie Brenner, Jeff Kwatinetz, Kevin McKeon
Drama True Story
120 mins

Bandit R

The story of the Flying Bandit who pulled off 63 bank and jewelry heists during a notorious crime spree.
Elisha Cuthbert, Mel Gibson, Allan Ungar, Josh Duhamel, Nestor Carbonell
Action Thriller Crime Heist

The Woman King PG-13

Inspired by true events that took place in the Kingdom of Dahomey, one of the most powerful states of Africa in the 18th and 19th centuries, The Woman King tells the story of Nanisca (Davis), general of the all-female military unit known as the Amazons, and her daughter, Nawi (Nyong’o), who together fought the French and neighboring tribes who violated their honor, enslaved their people and threatened to destroy everything they’ve lived for.
Gina Prince-Bythewood, Cathy Schulman, Dana Stevens, Viola Davis, Thuso Mbedu, Lashana Lynch, Sheila Atim, Adrienne Warren
Drama Historical True Story

Smile R

Follows a doctor whose mind begins to turn on her after she witnesses a traumatic event that involves a patient.
Kal Penn, Marty Bowen, Isaac Klausner, Robert Salerno, Parker Finn, Wyck Godfrey, Sosie Bacon, Rob Morgan
Thriller Suspense

Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile PG

Lyle the Crocodile is the happiest crocodile any home ever had until one neighbor insists that Lyle belongs in a zoo.
Javier Bardem, Winslow Fegley, Lyric Hurd, Will Speck, Josh Gordon, Hutch Parker, Will Davies, Constance Wu
Adventure Family Animation
104 mins

Resurrection R

A women's carefully constructed life is disrupted when a shadow from her past returns, forcing her to confront the monster she’s evaded for two decades.
Rebecca Hall, Tim Roth, Grace Kaufman, Andrew Semans, Michael Esper, Angela Wong Carbone
129 mins

Medusa NR

Mari and her friends broadcast their spiritual devotion through pastel pinks and catchy evangelical songs about purity and perfection, but underneath it all they harbor a deep rage. By day they hide behind their manicured facade, and by night they form a masked, vigilante girl gang, prowling the streets in search of sinners who have deviated from the rightful path. After an attack goes wrong, leaving Mari scarred and unemployed, her view of community, religion, and her peers begin to shift. Nightmares of repressed desires and haunting visions of alluring temptation become undeniable and the urge to scream and release her paralyzing inner demons is more powerful than ever before.
João Vithor Oliveira, Anita Rocha da Silveira, Mari Oliveria, Lara Tremouroux, Joana Medeiros, Felipe Frazão, Bruna G, Carol Romano
Drama Horror
100 mins

It's Christmas Again

Jake Young (Lawson Touliatos) wants nothing more than to spend his Christmas vacation with his girlfriend, Abbey Walker (Leela Owen). So when Abbey volunteers for her church’s Christmas play, Jake is ready to skip Christmas this year until an unexpected turn of events lands him in a field outside Bethlehem on the night Jesus was born. While on his journey with the shepherds to find the promised Messiah, Jake discovers the true meaning of Christmas.
Lawson Touliatos, Leela Owen
Musical Family Holiday Event

Summit Fever R

An adrenaline-fueled thrill-ride where an ambitious mountain expedition becomes a breathtaking struggle for survival. A daring dream to scale the world's most challenging trio of mountains soon turns into a terrifying nightmare for a group of friends when a deadly storm traps the climbers near the summit and cuts off all hope of rescue. With the odds stacked against them, the friends are forced to trust each other to save themselves by any means necessary.
Ryan Phillippe, Julian Gilbey, Freddie Thorp, Michel Biel, Mathilde Warnier, Hannah New, Théo Christine

The Velvet Underground R

A documentary about the influential 1960s rock band.
Todd Haynes
Documentary Music

The Minute You Wake Up Dead R

A stockbroker in a small southern town gets involved in an insurance scam that leads to multiple murders.
Michael Mailer, Morgan Freeman, Cole Hauser, Jaimie Alexander
Action Thriller


Maika and her ragtag friends discover an alien invasion in their tiny arctic hamlet, and it’s up to them to fight back. Utilizing makeshift weapons and their horror movie knowledge, the aliens soon realize that you don’t mess with the girls from Pang.
Melissa Hood, Nalajoss Ellsworth, Nyla Innuksuk, Ryan Cavan, Chelsea Prusky.
Adventure Sci-Fi
91 mins

Riotsville, USA NR

Welcome to Riotsville, USA, a turning point in American history where the protest movements of the late 1960s came into conflict with increasingly militarized police departments. Focusing on unearthed military training footage of Army-built model towns called “Riotsvilles,” where military and police were trained to respond to civil disorder in the aftermath of the Kerner Commission created by President Lyndon B. Johnson, director Sierra Pettengill’s kaleidoscopic all-archival documentary reconstructs the formation of a national consciousness obsessed with maintaining law and order by any means necessary. Drawing insight from a time similar to our own, Riotsville, USA pulls focus on American institutional control and offers a compelling case that if the history of race in America rhymes, it is by design.
Sierra Pettengill,, Tobi Haslett, Charlene Modeste

American Murderer R

Based on a true story, this riveting thriller follows Jason Derek Brown (Tom Pelphrey), a charismatic con man bankrolling his extravagant lifestyle through a series of scams. On Brown’s trail: Lance Leising (Ryan Phillippe), a dogged FBI special agent determined to put Brown behind bars. When Brown’s funds run low and his past catches up with him, he ploBased on a true story, this riveting thriller follows Jason Derek Brown (Tom Pelphrey), a charismatic con man bankrolling his extravagant lifestyle through a series of scams. On Brown’s trail: Lance Leising (Ryan Phillippe), a dogged FBI special agent determined to put Brown behind bars. When Brown’s funds run low and his past catches up with him, he plots his most elaborate scheme yet,pitting himself against Leising in a deadly game of cat and mouse — and becoming the most unlikely and elusive fugitive on the FBI’s most-wanted list.
Ryan Phillippe, Matthew Gentile, Tom Pelphrey, Idina Menzel, Paul Schneider, Shantel VanSanten, Jacki Weaver

A Christmas Karen

Karen is an entitled middle-aged woman whose demanding nature has alienated her neighbors and family. After a series of instances displaying her privilege and prejudice, Karen receives an 'intervention' by some unconventional spirits.
Jon Binkowski, Lisa Enos Smith, Michele Simms, Meghan Colleen Moroney, Rolin Alexis, Leyla Lawrence, Lee Karlinsky, Ashley Jones
Comedy Holiday

The Ambush

The Ambush follows the story of three UAE soldiers desperately awaiting salvation when their armored vehicle is attacked by heavy enemy gunfire and becomes trapped in a remote canyon. Their only hope is a daring rescue mission plotted by their courageous commander.
Pierre Morel, Mansoor Alfeeli, Omar Bin Haider, Marwan Abdulla Saleh, Mohammed Ahmed, Khalifa Albahri
Action War

Tuesday, December 13