Movies Released January 18, 2022

Tuesday, January 18

Road to Perth

"Road to Perth" is an intimate tale of two people - an American tourist and an Australian woman - that meet each other at a time of need, all while roadtripping the gorgeous roads of the Australian south.
Ellen Grimshaw, Chad Peter, Tommy O'Brien, Hannah Lehmann, Rachel Scott, Katrina Schmidt
86 mins

Ditched NR

Desperate to escape an overturned ambulance, a group of paramedics are trapped with violent prisoners. The group quickly discover that they are the victims of an ambush with the perpetrators hunting them down one by one.
Mackenzie Gray, Christopher Donaldson, Marika Sila, J. Lindsay Robinson, Kris Loranger
Thriller Horror
VOD / Digital
4 / 5
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Tuesday, January 18