Movies Released May 5, 2017

Friday, May 5

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 PG-13

No plot details have been announced.
Vin Diesel, Dave Bautista, James Gunn, Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana, Sean Gunn, Benicio Del Toro, Pom Klementieff
Adventure Sequel Superhero Sci-Fi

Enter the Warriors Gate

After a mysterious chest opens a gateway through time, teen gamer Jack (Uriah Shelton) is transported to an ancient empire terrorized by a cruel barbarian king (former WWE superstar Dave Bautista). Jack will need all of his gaming skills as he battles to defeat the barbarian, protect a beautiful princess, and somehow find his way back home.
Luc Besson, Dave Bautista, Robert Mark Kamen, Matthias Hoene, Mark Chao, Ni Ni
Action Adventure Fantasy

The Lovers

Follows a long-married and completely dispassionate husband and wife. Both are in the midst of serious affairs and are increasingly committed to their new partners. But on the brink of officially calling it quits, a spark between them suddenly and unexpectedly reignites, leading them into an impulsive romance that forces them to navigate the hilarious complications of "cheating" on their respective lovers.
Melora Walters, Debra Winger, Aidan Gillen, Tracy Letts, Jessica Sula, Azazel Jacobs, Tyler Ross
Drama Romance
105 mins

This Is Not What I Expected NR

When Lu Jin checks into the Rosebud hotel he is dissatisfied with everything he sees and tastes. That is, until Gu Shengnan serves the perfectionist what may be a perfect meal. Out of the hotel, Lu Jin and Gu Shengnan are arch enemies, vowing to stay as far away from the other as they can. But in the kitchen, they share a mutual appreciation and love for fine cuisine. Is food the answer to solving their differences?
Takeshi Kaneshiro, Derek Hui, Zhou Dongyu, Ming Xi, Tony Yang, Chiling Lin Chi-Ling
Comedy Romance
101 mins

Chuck R

He was the pride of Bayonne, New Jersey, a man who went fifteen rounds in the ring with Muhammad Ali, and the real life inspiration for Rocky Balboa. But before all that, Chuck Wepner (Liev Schreiber) was a liquor salesman and father with a modest prizefighting career whose life changed overnight when, in 1975, he was chosen to take on The Greatest in a highly publicized title match. I
Naomi Watts, Michael Rapaport, Philippe Falardeau, Liev Schreiber, Elisabeth Moss, Ron Perlman, Jim Gaffigan, Pooch Hall
Drama Sports
80 mins

Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie NR

Jeff Garlin stars as Gene Handsome, an LA homicide detective who tries to make sense of his life as he solves crime. Handsome's knack for solving mysteries is matched only by his inability to make sense of his own problems.
Amy Sedaris, Jeff Garlin, Christine Woods, Leah Remini., Andrea Siegel, Natasha Lyonne, Steven Weber, Eddie Pepitone
VOD / Digital
1 / 5
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84 mins

Take Me NR

Ray Moody (Pat Healy) is a fledgling entrepreneur, trying to get his company off the ground in Los Angeles. His business: the niche Kidnap Solutions, LLC, specializing in abductions that provide alternative therapy for his clients. When a mysterious call contracts him for a weekend kidnapping with a handsome payday at the end, Ray jumps at the opportunity. But the job, and his target—business consultant Anna St. Blair (Taylor Schilling)—may not be all that they seem.
Pat Healy, Taylor Schilling

The Dinner

A dark tale about two families who are struggling to make a tough decision regarding their teenage sons -- with the whole story unfolding over one dinner.
Oren Moverman, Charlie Plummer, Laura Linney, Steve Coogan, Cotty Chubb, Richard Gere, Rebecca Hall, Eva Maria Daniels
Adaptation Psychological

Black Site Delta

Cam Gigandet stars as the leader of a “Dirty Dozen” band of military prisoners who must fight off a terrorist attack on the remote "black site" prison where they’re being held, which, unknown to them, is a cover for a secret drone control facility.
Jesse Gustafson, Guy Stevenson, Cam Gigandet, Teri Reeves, Benjamin Charles Watson, Dion Mucciacito, Casey Hendershot, John Brodsky

Like Crazy NR

Beatrice is a motor-mouthed fantasist, a self-styled billionaire countess who likes to believe she’s on intimate terms with world leaders. Donatella is a tattooed introvert, a fragile young woman locked in her own mystery. They are both patients at the Villa Biondi, a progressive but secure psychiatric clinic.
Paolo Virzi, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Micaela Ramazzotti, Valentina Carnelutti, Tommaso Ragno
87 mins

Three Generations PG-13

About Ray tells the stirring and touching story of three generations of a family living under one roof in New York as they must deal with the life-changing transformation by one that ultimately affects them all. Ray (Elle Fanning) is a teenager who has come to the realization that she isn’t meant to be a girl and has decided to transition from female to male. His single mother, Maggie (Naomi Watts), must track down Ray’s biological father (Tate Donovan) to get his legal consent to allow Ray’s transition. Dolly (Susan Sarandon), Ray’s lesbian grandmother is having a hard time accepting that she now has a grandson. They must each confront their own identities and learn to embrace change and their strength as a family in order to ultimately find acceptance and understanding.
Naomi Watts, Gaby Dellal, Nikole Beckwith, Tate Donovan, Dorothy Berwin, Marc Turtletaub, Peter Saraf, Elle Fanning
New York / Los Angeles
2 / 5
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Burden NR

An unprecedented look into the life of conceptual artist and sculptor Chris Burden. He had himself shot, confined to a locker for five days, and was crucified on the back of a VW bug, only to reinvent himself as the creator of truly mesmerizing installations and sculptures, all in the name of art.
Richard Dewey, Timothy Marrinan
90 mins

Another Evil NR

After encountering a ghost in his vacation home, terrified Dan Pappadakis (Steve Zissis) goes behind his wife’s back to hire an industrial grade exorcist – the bizarre and needy Os Bijourn. While implementing a variety of increasingly outlandish “ghost traps,” Os tries to befriend Dan almost as relentlessly as he tries to destroy the home’s “demons.” Dan considers calling the whole thing off, but it quickly becomes apparent that a great evil has embedded itself in his home, and that the fate of his entire family is at stake.
Carson Mell, Steve Zissis, Mark Proksch, Jennifer Irwin, Dan Bakkedahl, Dax Flame,Steve Little
Comedy Supernatural


In 1975, New Jersey heavyweight boxer and womanizer Chuck Wepner ("The Bayonne Bleeder") takes on Muhammad Ali for nearly 15 rounds.
Naomi Watts, Ashok Amritraj, Jerry Stahl, Jeff Feuerzeig, Liev Schreiber, Christina Hendricks, Ron Perlman, Elisabeth Moss
Drama Sports

Friday, May 5