Movies Released September 9, 2021

Thursday, September 9

No Responders Left Behind

Shot over five years, the documentary reveals the unwavering fight led by Jon Stewart, John Feal and Ray Pfeifer as they take on the U.S. government to get healthcare and benefits for the thousands of responders who are suffering with life-threatening and financially devastating illnesses from toxins released at Ground Zero after 9/11.
Rob Lindsay, Kristine Yanoff, Kelly Zemnickis, Jaime Sanchez
3 / 5
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Blood Brothers: Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali

Blood Brothers tells the extraordinary and ultimately tragic story of the friendship between two of the most iconic figures of the 20th century: Muhammad Ali, the greatest boxer of all time, and Malcolm X, the Nation of Islam’s - and black America’s - most incendiary and charismatic leader.
Muhammad Ali, Marcus A. Clarke, Malcolm X
Biography Documentary

Thursday, September 9