Movies in Production (Page #14)


The movie centers on a documentary filmmaker making a film about subway suicides.

Highland ParkTBA

A teacher wins the lottery and uses the largesse to restore the local library and energize the community in the process.

Barry MinkowTBA

The bizarre story of a teenage entrepreneur running a successful carpet company, ZZZZ Best, who gets busted for running a Ponzi scheme. After experiencing a religious conversion in prison, Minkow becomes a pastor doing anti-fraud work with the FBI.

Keeper of the PinstripesTBA

Inspired by true events, the film tells the story of the reawakening of "Room 107," a mysterious room hidden within the depths of Yankee Stadium where some of baseball's greatest heroes would find solace. When the ghost of Lou Gehrig refuses to join the rest of the ghosts at the new stadium, it's up... more

Mona LisaTBA

A small-time chauffeur delves into the New York underbelly with a high-class call girl.

Last CallTBA

Danny and Phil O'Donnell are chronically underachieving cousins, who are forced to run the family pub, in order to save their crazy Uncle Pete from jail and financial destitution. The boys instigate a number of hilarious schemes, from turning the pub into a strip club to a high school speakeasy, jus... more


A bachelor is dumped by his wingman and teams with a sharp-tongued woman he can't stand in order to meet singles.

The Company MenTBA

An aging businessman struggles with a collapsing economy as he tries to save a sinking company and himself.

Clock TowerTBA

Upon receiving a late night call, from the birth mother she doesn't remember, an Ivy League-bound high schooler seeks out her childhood home. On arrival she and her sister confront a timeless horror in the form of an entity known only as Scissor Man.


"Tusker" is described as the saga of a young elephant's journey of discovery, heroism and redemption, which intersects with and renews the life of a reclusive old elephant who has always been an outsider.

The Life and Adventures of Santa ClausTBA

A CG-animated feature based on the book by L. Frank Baum. The story follows Santa's formative years, including a battle against the heart of evil that establishes the Santa mythology.

Repo ChickTBA

The story will unfold against the backdrop of the credit crunch and the subprime mortgage crisis in the US, where repossessions of homes, cars and other forms of property is at a new high.

The StormTBA

Lauren Holly plays a dedicated wife and mother who must deal with the end of days scenario -- all heightened by the arrival of a mysterious stranger named Silas (Luke Perry) who holds the key to the approaching doom.