Martial Arts Movies

1884 TBA

The project is described as an espionage story set in an alternate 1884 where the industrial revolut... more

American Shaolin TBA

An Ivy Leaguer leaves midway through his studies to learn martial arts in mainland China with the famed Shaolin fighting monks.

Around the World in 80 Day... 2004

In this highly inventive take on Verne's classic, Passepartout (Jackie Chan) must make it to China i... more

Arrow TBA

Set in the world of mixed martial arts.

Bangkok Revenge 2012

Manit, a boy of ten years witnessed the murder of his parents. Unrelenting, the killers decide to el... more

BOK: Bangkok Knockout TBA

A group of 'fight club' pals whose styles vary from Muay Thai and Capoeira to Kung Fu and Tai Chi must fight for their lives when one of their friends is kidnapped.

Bruce Lee, My Brother TBA

The early life story of the man who put Hong Kong action films on the map.

Catwoman 2004

Patience Philips is a woman who can't seem to stop apologizing for her own existence. She works as a... more

City of Dragons TBA

A live-action martial arts movie with supernatural elements set in modern day Shanghai.

Crouching Dragon Hidden Ti... 2016

A martial forest exists alongside the real world, full of wandering sword fighters, medicine men, de... more

Detective Dee and the Myst... 2011

When the mysterious deaths of a series of loyal subjects threaten to delay the 690 A.D. inauguration... more

Dragon 2012

In the late Qing Dynasty, Liu (Donnie Yen) is a papermaker, leading a simple life with his wife Ay... more

Grandmasters 2013

The story of martial-arts master Ip Man, the man who trained Bruce Lee.

Ip Man 2010

Wing Chun grandmaster Ip Man (Donnie Yen) has the perfect family, plenty of money, a beautiful house... more

Ip Man The Final Fight 2013

In postwar Hong Kong, legendary Wing Chun grandmaster Ip Man (Anthony Wong) is reluctantly called in... more

Iron Fist TBA

Danny Rand, who is raised by monks, is taught the ancient technique of the Iron Fist, which grants i... more

Karate Cops TBA

Follows a pair of high-flying detectives in a battle against a super-villain on a quest to take over a mystical martial arts kingdom in Chinatown.

Kickboxer TBA

A new take on "Kickboxer," the 1989 film starred Van Damme as Kurt Sloane, a man out to avenge his brother by learning the Muay Thai fighting style.

Kung Fu Hustle 2 TBA

Set in Canton, China in the 1940s, and centers on a hapless wannabe gangster.

Kung Fu Killer 2015

A vicious serial killer is targeting top martial arts masters, and convicted criminal and kung fu ma... more