DVD & Blu-rays Released January 28, 2014

Tuesday, January 28

Last Vegas PG-13

The comedy centers on four semi-retired baby boomers who head to Las Vegas when the last of the Coney Island buddies, a successful lawyer in his 60s, decides to tie the knot.
Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro, Nathan Kahane, Amy Baer, Jon Turteltaub, Laurence Mark, Dan Fogelman, Michael Douglas
Adventure Comedy

Rush R

Focuses on the British Formula One driver James Hunt and his rivalry with Niki Lauda for Formula One circuit dominance in the 1970s.
Olivia Wilde, Chris Hemsworth, Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, Eric Fellner, Christian McKay, Brian Oliver, Tim Bevan
Drama Action Adventure Biography Sports
85 mins

Free Birds PG

Story centers on two turkeys, Reggie and Brock, who discover a time machine and travel back to the first Thanksgiving to take themselves off the menu.
Jimmy Hayward, Cary Granat, Ed Jones, Scott Mosier, Craig Mazin, Woody Harrelson, Owen Wilson, Dan Fogler
Comedy Family Animation 3D CG
80 mins

Snow Queen PG

The ice-cold Snow Queen wishes to turn the world into a frozen landscape, with no light, no joy, no happiness, and no free will. A young man, Kai, is rumored to be the son of a man who is the queen’s only remaining threat. He is abducted and held captive in the queen’s palace, and it’s up to his sister, Gerda, to rescue him. Gerda journeys across an icy land, facing difficult obstacles and meeting wonderful new friends that help her in her quest to set Kai free, defeat the Snow Queen, and save the world from eternal frost.
Maksim Sveshnikov, Vladlen Barbe, Timur Bekmambetov, Doug Erholtz, Wendee Lee, Marianne Miller, Cindy Robinson, Jessica Straus
Fantasy Animation 3D

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 PG

In the sequel to Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, the once ordinary town overwhelmed by falling food finds a solution to its mess. The townspeople decide to transport the food to hungry people around the world.
John Francis Daley, Kris Pearn, Jonathan Goldstein, Bill Hader, James Caan, Neil Patrick Harris, Benjamin Bratt, Terry Crews
Comedy Sequel Family Animation 3D
85 mins

Ass Backwards

Two best friends embark on a cross country road trip back to their hometown to attempt to win a pageant that eluded them as children.
Chad Burris, Jeff Steen, Teddy Grennan, Alicia Silverstone, Vincent D'Onofrio, Chris Nelson, Heather Rae, Molly Conners
Adventure Comedy

Argento's Dracula 3D

Dario Argento returns with a bloody, luridly creepy 3D version of the classic vampire tale, drenched in gore and sex. An unsuspecting Englishman arrives in Transylvania, lured by a job with a local nobleman. But the undead Count Dracula’s real target is the man’s innocent young wife. Featuring the iconic Rutger Hauer as vampire hunter Van Helsing and the inimitable Asia Argento (the director’s own daughter) as a local all-too-eager to fall under the Count’s sway.
Dario Argento, Thomas Kretschmann, Marta Gastini, Asia Argento, Unax Ugalde, Miriam Giovanelli
Thriller Horror 3D

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa R

With each Jackass movie opening with a higher box office than the previous and the production budgets very low, it seems that the creation of another Jackass movie is simply a matter of time.
Johnny Knoxville, Jeff Tremaine, Jackson Nicoll, Spike Jonze
Comedy Sequel

A Perfect Man R

On the cusp of their ninth anniversary, James and Nina seem to have the perfect marriage and ideal lives - an affluent life in Amsterdam, lucrative jobs and adoring friends. Yet when Nina discovers James’s infidelity with a mutual friend of theirs after a long line of extramarital affairs, it’s the final straw, shattering whatever illusions they’ve created about their relationship and leaving them separated. Heartbroken about their separation, a stroke of luck leads Nina to impersonate James’s chatty travel agent on the phone, and he’s soon pouring his heart out and unwittingly falling for his wife all over again as they discuss the uncertainty of love and the eternal misunderstanding between men and women.
Kees Van Oostrum, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Liev Schreiber, Joelle Carter, Renee Soutendijk

I Will Follow You Into the Dark NR

After the deaths of both her parents, a severely depressed girl is convinced that the afterlife is mere oblivion and she retreats within herself, only to be drawn out of her depressive funk by an unexpected romance. When her new love disappears, she pursues him -- even if it means walking across the threshold into death.
Christine Holder, Mark Robinson, Mark Holder, Mischa Barton, Leah Pipes, Ryan Eggold, Jaz Martin
Thriller Suspense

The Fifth Estate R

Tells the true story of Julian Assange, who founded the whistleblower website, WikiLeaks.
Alicia Vikander, Dan Stevens, Michael Sugar, Benedict Cumberbatch, Kira Goldberg, Josh Singer, Peter Capaldi, Bill Condon
Drama True Story

Broadway Idiot

The documentary feature chronicling the creation of the legit musical version of Green Day album “American Idiot”.
Doug Hamilton

Dark Touch

In a remote town in Ireland, eleven-year-old Neve finds herself the sole survivor of a bloody massacre that killed her parents and younger brother. Suspecting a gang of homicidal vandals, the police ignore Neve’s explanation that the house is the culprit. To help ease her trauma, dutiful neighbors Nat and Lucas take her in with the supervision of a social worker. Neve has trouble finding peace with the wholesome and nurturing couple, and horrific danger continues to manifest.
Marina de Van, Padraic Delaney

Concussion R

A sexual examination of Abby (Robin Weigert), a forty something married wealthy, lesbian housewife who, after suffering a blow to the head from getting smacked by her son’s baseball—walks around every corner of her suburban life to confront a mounting desire for something else. She takes on a new project and purchases a pied-à-terre in Manhattan. Walking around the city streets reminds Abby what it feels like to be sexy, and her pent-up libido shakes off its inhibitions. Her newfound desire though is not a take-home item, so Abby inaugurates a double life as a high end escort.
Stacie Passon, Robin Weigert, Maggie Siff, Johnathan Tchaikovsky, Emily Kinney
97 mins

Afternoon Delight R

Follows Rachel, a stay-at-home mom who becomes obsessed with saving a stripper named McKenna. Rachel is a quick-witted and lovable, yet tightly coiled, thirty-something steeped in the creative class of Los Angeles’s bohemian, affluent Silver Lake neighborhood. Everything looks just right—chic modernist home, successful husband, adorable child, hipster wardrobe. But when she visits a strip club to spice up her marriage and gets a private dance from McKenna, something cracks open. Rachel returns to the scene of the dance to get to know McKenna, and soon after, adopt her as a live-in nanny.
Juno Temple, Kathryn Hahn, Jill Soloway, Josh Radnor, Jane Lynch, Michaela Watkins, Josh Stamberg, John Kapelos
90 mins

I Used to Be Darker

When Taryn, a Northern Irish runaway, finds herself in trouble in Ocean City, MD, she seeks refuge with her aunt and uncle in Baltimore. But Kim and Bill have problems of their own: they’re trying to handle the end of their marriage gracefully for the sake of their daughter Abby, just home from her first year of college. A story of family revelations, people finding each other and letting each other go, looking for love where they’ve found it before and, when that doesn’t work, figuring out where they might find it next
Matthew Porterfield, Amy Belk, Deragh Campbell, Hannah Gross, Ned Oldham, Kim Taylor, Nicholas Petr
Drama Music

Metallica Through The Never R

Dane DeHaan plays a young band crew member who is sent out on an urgent mission while the band is playing a rousing live set in front of a sold-out crowd and unexpectedly finds his world turned completely upside down.
Nimrod Antal, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, Charlotte Huggins, Dane DeHaan, James Hetfield, Robert Trujillo, Mackenzie Gray
Music 3D

Tuesday, January 28