Ensemble Movies

100 Streets 2017

Follows three contrasting and interwoven stories in modern-day London. A former rugby player, Max (Idris Elba), struggles to find a life off the field while fighting to save his marriage to former act... more

Berlin, I Love You TBA

The ensemble story is set on the streets of Berlin, and explores how romance is expressed through love won, lost and everything in between.

Calvary 2014

Father James (Brendan Gleeson) is a good priest who is faced with sinister and troubling circumstances brought about by a mysterious member of his parish. Although he continues to comfort his own fra... more

Golden Exits TBA

An intersectional narrative of two families in Brooklyn and the unraveling of unspoken unhappiness that occurs when a young foreign girl spending time abroad upsets the balance on both sides.

Justice League Dark TBA

The story revolves around a dark Justice League team that consists of John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Deadman, Zatanna and Etrigan the Demon.

Leftovers TBA

No plot details have been announced - said to be a anti-romantic comedy.

Lullaby TBA

A son learns that his estranged father has decided to take himself off life support in less than 48 hours.

Magic In The Moonlight 2014

A romantic comedy about an Englishman brought in to help unmask a possible swindle. Personal and professional complications ensue.

Mother's Day 2016

Bringing together Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and Julia Roberts along with Jason Sudekis, it's a celebration of mothers everywhere. This big-hearted comedy invites us all to enjoy the laughter, tear... more

Movie 43 2013

An anthology of twenty comedic shorts. Starring Seann William Scott, Hugh Jackman, Richard Gere, Uma Thurman, Halle Berry, Emma Stone, Naomi Watts, Kate Bosworth, Kate Winslet, Terrence Howard, Liev... more

New Year's Eve 2011

The movie tells intertwining stories of a group of New Yorkers as they navigate their way through romance over the course of New Year's Eve. Robert De Niro will play a bitter dying man in a hospital,... more

Seven Days Waiting TBA

Described as similar in tone to Crash.

Sundance is Bulls**t TBA

A group of college friends reunite in their 30s at a snowy Utah town when one gets a movie into the festival. Over the course of the weekend, a series of humiliating misadventures test the bonds of fr... more

Tasting Menu 2014

One of the greatest restaurants in the world is closing and an eclectic mix of international patrons have arrived in beautiful Catalonia for the final dinner service in this witty and delicious ensemb... more

The Big Wedding 2013

To the amusement of their adult children and friends, long divorced couple Don and Ellie Griffin (Robert De Niro and Diane Keaton) are once again forced to play the happy couple for the sake of their ... more

Untitled Paul Feig Project TBA

Described as an ensemble piece.