August 2006 Movies

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Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby PG-13

"Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" tells the story of NASCAR stock car racing sensation Ricky Bobby (Ferrell) whose "win at all costs" approach has made him a national hero. He and his loyal racing partner and childhood friend Cal Naughton Jr. (Reilly), are a fearless duo—dubbed "Shake" and "Bake" with the ability to finish so many races in the #1 and #2 positions, with Cal always in second place. When a gay French Formula One driver, Jean Girard (Cohen), challenges "Shake" and "Bake" for the supremacy of NASCAR, Ricky Bobby must face his own demons and fight Girard for the right to be known as racing's top driver.
Judd Apatow, Michael Clarke Duncan, Will Ferrell, Gary Cole, Jimmy Miller, Adam McKay, Sacha Baron Cohen, John C. Reilly
Comedy Sports

The Groomsmen R

The story follows the misadventures and confusion of a groom (Ed Burns) and his four groomsmen the week before a wedding. Wrestling with issues of fatherhood, honesty and growing up, the five thirtysomethings discover their extended adolescence might be finally coming to a close.
Matthew Lillard, Jay Mohr, Margot Bridger, Philippe Martinez, Brittany Murphy, John Leguizamo, Aaron Lubin, Ed Burns

Fearless PG-13

Based on the life of Chinese Martial Arts Master Huo Yuanjia (1869-1910), the founder and spiritual guru of the Jin Wu Sports Federation. Set during the late 1800's to early 1900's, a pivotal period in China's history, when the whole country is shrouded under increasing internal turmoil and the imminent threat of foreign invastion.
Nakamura Shido, Collin Chou, Ronny Yu, Bill Kong, Christine To, Chris Chow, Jet Li, Jon T. Benn
Action Thriller Crime

Barnyard PG

From Steve Oedekerk and Nickelodeon Movies, creators of "Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius", and filmed entirely in CGI comes this hilarious look at what really happens in a barnyard when the farmer's back is turned. "The Barnyard" is a lighthearted tale centering around Otis (voiced by Kevin James), a carefree party cow, who enjoys singing, dancing and playing tricks on humans. Unlike his father Ben (voiced by Sam Elliott), the respected patriarch of the farm, and Miles, the wise old mule (voiced by Danny Glover), Otis is unconcerned about keeping the animals' humanlike talents a secret. But when suddenly put in the position of responsibility, the "udderly" irresponsible cow finds the courage to be a leader.
Andie MacDowell, Courteney Cox-Arquette, Danny Glover, Kevin James, Julia Pistor, Paul Marshal, Steve Oedekerk, Sam Elliott
Comedy Musical Family Kids Animation

Dead Man's Shoes

Richard and younger brother Anthony return to the drugs and gang-ridden hometown they left eight years before. They set up camp in the hills overlooking the town, reminiscing over their shared past. But, they're not here to reminisce. Richard is here for revenge.
Gary Stretch, Mark Herbert, Shane Meadows, Paddy Considine, Toby Kebbell, Stuart Wolfenden, Neil Bell

The Descent R

One year after a tragic accident, six girlfriends meet in a remote part of the Appalachians for their annual caving trip. Deep below the surface of the earth, disaster strikes when a rock falls and blocks their route back to the surface. The girls soon learn that Juno, the thrill-seeking leader of the expedition, has brought them to an unexplored cave and that as a result no knows where they are to come rescue them. The group splinters and each push on, praying for another exit. But there is something else lurking under the earth - a race of monstrous humanoid creatures that are adapted perfectly to life in the dark. As the friends realize they are now prey, they are forced to unleash their most primal instincts in an all-out war against an unspeakable horror - one that attacks without warning, again and again and again.
Paul Smith, Christian Colson, Paul Ritchie, Shauna Macdonald, Natalie Mendoza, Alex Reid, Saskia Mulder, Nora-Jane Noone
Action Adventure Suspense Horror

The Science of Sleep R

A man entranced by his dreams and imagination is lovestruck with a French woman and feels he can show her his world.
Gael García Bernal, Michel Gondry, Jean-Michel Bernard, Emma de Caunes, Alain Chabat, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Inigo Lezzi, Stéphane Metzger
Drama Fantasy Sci-Fi

Quinceanera R

Magdalena is the daughter of a Mexican-American family who runs a storefront church in Echo Park, Los Angeles. With her fifteenth-birthday approaching, all she can think about is her boyfriend, her Quinceañera dress, and the Hummer Limo she hopes will carry her on her special day. But a few months before the celebration, Magdalena falls pregnant. As the elaborate preparations for her Quinceañera proceed, it is only a matter of time before her religious father finds out and rejects her. Forced out of her home, Magdalena moves in with her great-great uncle, Tomas, an old man who makes his living by selling champurrado--a Mexican hot drink--in the street. Already living with him is Carlos, Magdalena's cousin, a tough cholo who was thrown out by his parents. Carlos does not disguise his disapproval of Magdalena's arrival. The back house rental where Tomas has lived happily for many years is on a property that was recently purchased by an affluent white gay couple--pioneers of gentrification in the neighborhood. Inevitably, worlds collide when they become entangled in the lives of their tenants. As Magdalena's pregnancy grows more visible, she, Carlos, and Tomas pull together as a family of outsiders. But the economics of the neighborhood are turning against them. Ultimately, this precipitates a crisis that threatens their way of life.
Mihail Koulakis, Nick Boyias, Todd Haynes, Emily Rios, Chalo Gonzalez, David W. Ross, Araceli Guzman-Rico, Jesus Castanos-Chima
Drama Teen
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Half Nelson R

Dan Dunne is an idealistic inner-city junior high school teacher. Although he can get it together in the classroom, he spends his time outside school on the edge of consciousness. He juggles his hangovers and his homework, keeping his lives precariously separated, until one of his troubled students, Drey, catches him in a compromising situation. From this awkward beginning, Dan and Drey stumble into an unexpected friendship that threatens either to undo them, or to provide the vital change they both need to move forward in their lives.
Ryan Gosling, Anna Boden, Sebastian Sozzi, Tristan Wilds, Ryan Fleck, Anthony Mackie, Karen Chilton, Monique Curnen

Step Up PG-13

Tyler Gage is a street smart juvenile delinquent, with a reckless streak that lands him in a world of trouble after he and his friends trash an auditorium at a high school for the performing arts. Sentenced to do community service at the school, he at first wants nothing to do with the students, until he meets a beautiful dancer who's willing to give him a shot. Against all expectations, Ty gets drawn into her world, and discovers his own talent for dance.
Channing Tatum, Adam Shankman, Jennifer Gibgot, Duane Adler, Melissa Rosenberg, Drew Sidora, Anne Fletcher, Erik Feig
Drama Sequel Teen Music

Pulse R

Imagine our wireless technologies made a connection to a world beyond our own. Imagine that world used that technology as a doorway into ours. Now, imagine the connection we made can't be shut down. When you turn on your cell phone or log on to your e-mail, they'll get in, you¹ll be infected and they¹ll be able to take from you what they don¹t have anymore - life.
Kristen Bell, Stephen Susco, Samm Levin, Jim Sonzero, Michael Leahy, Joel Soisson, Vince Gilligan, Wes Craven
Thriller Horror Remake Mystery

Conversations with Other Women R

Years after their divorce, an ex-couple (Aaron Eckhart, Helena Bonham Carter) reunite at a wedding.
Aaron Eckhart, Helena Bonham Carter, Olivia Wilde, Nora Zehetner, Hans Canosa, Kerry Barden, Ram Bergman, Gabrielle Zevin
Drama Comedy

World Trade Center PG-13

Academy Award-winning director Oliver Stone tells the true story of the heroic survival and rescue of two Port Authority policemen—John McLoughlin and Will Jimeno—who were trapped in the rubble of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, after they went in to help people escape. The film also follows their families as they try to find out what happened to them, as well as the rescuers who found them in the debris field and pulled them out. Their story shows how the best in people rose above the tragic events of that day.
Moritz Borman, Nicolas Cage, Michael Peña, Andrea Berloff, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Oliver Stone, Michael Shamberg, Stacey Sher
Drama Historical

Zoom PG

Social outcast Summer Jones (Kate Mara) is ushered away by her mysterious father (Tim Allen) to a new school. She learns that her dad is secretly a superhero, and she's been brought to the academy where she, along with other kids, can develop her special talents. Soon into her training, Summer discovers that an enemy of the academy is plotting against the school ... and her.
Nick Osborne, Trevor Engelson, David Berenbaum, Tim Allen, Chevy Chase, Spencer Breslin, Kate Mara, Pete Hewitt
Action Adventure Family Kids

The Illusionist PG-13

A magician (Edward Norton) in turn-of-the-century Vienna falls in love with a woman well above his social standing. When she becomes engaged to a prince, the magician uses his powers to win her back and undermine the stability of the royal house of Vienna.
Bob Yari, James Babson, Eddie Marsan, Michael London, Edward Norton, Jessica Biel, Aaron Johnson, Cathy Schulman
Drama Fantasy Romance

10th and Wolf

The film is about a man who believes that he left behind his family's ties to organized crime, only to find that easier said than done upon returning to Philadelphia. It was inspired by the real life experiences of Joseph Pistone, the FBI agent otherwise known as Donnie Brasco.
Val Kilmer, Dennis Hopper, Bobby Moresco, James Marden, Giovanni Ribisi, Brad Renfro, Piper Perabo, Brian Dennehy
Drama Crime Gangster

Snakes on a Plane R

An assassin unleashes lethal snakes aboard a packed passenger jet over the Pacific Ocean in order to eliminate a witness in protective custody. The rookie pilot and frightened passengers must band together to survive.
Adam Behr, Samuel L. Jackson, Don Granger, David Loucka, David Koechner, David R. Ellis, Benjamin McKenzie, John Heffernan
Action Adventure Thriller Suspense

Accepted PG-13

High school senior Bartleby "B" Gaines (Justin Long) is on his way to scoring eight out of eight rejection letters from colleges--which isn't going to go over big with Mom and Dad. At least he's not alone in the exclusion. Several of his crew of outcast friends are in the same, college-less boat. does a guy facing a bleak career please his parents and get noticed by dream girl Monica (Blake Lively)?

Simple. Open his own university.

B and his band of misfit freshmen take "liberal" arts literally when they fool their parents and peers and create the esteemed South Harmon Institute of Technology. They clean up an abandoned psychiatric facility, employ a buddy's brilliant?but subversive—uncle (Lewis Black) as the dean and create a fake web site as their campus calling card. Bam! South Harmon, the alternative school of higher learning, is born.

Just as they are settling in, B and company realize they've done their jobs too well. Dozens of other college rejects show up for classes at this less-than-lofty institute. Under the scornful eyes of the privileged students from the neighboring college, B and his friends forge ahead with maintaining a fake, functioning university. Their efforts to explore alternative education result in a battle between the South Harmon co-eds and the "sister" school snobs.

With his future in the balance, it's going to take more than just sleight of hand to keep B out of jail as he strives to get the girl, impress his parents and just become... "Accepted".
Adam Cooper, Jonah Hill, Steve Pink, Michael Bostick, Bill Collage, Blake Lively, Tom Shadyac, Mark Perez
Comedy Teen

Material Girls PG

Two celebutante cosmetics heiresses (Haylie and Hilary Duff) lose their fortune in a corporate scandal and launch an investigation to expose the culprit.
Lukas Haas, John Quaintance, Martha Coolidge, Anjelica Huston, Maria Conchita Alonso, Colleen Camp, Michael Mendelsohn, Eve LaDue
Comedy Teen
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How to Eat Fried Worms PG

"How to Eat Fried Worms" tells the story of Billy, an eleven-year-old who inadvertently challenges the town bully on his first day at a new school. To save face and earn the respect of his new classmates, Billy agrees to a bet that will determine his fate at the school-whether or not he can eat ten worms in one day. As the pressure mounts, he must summon heroic strength to keep his five-year-old brother from blabbing, his weak stomach from betraying him, and his big mouth from getting him into more trouble than he's already in.
Ron Howard, Philip Steuer, Tom Cavanagh, Brian Grazer, Mark Johnson, Bob Dolman, Luke Benward, Adam Hicks
Comedy Family Kids

Idlewild R

Set amidst the backdrop of a 1930s southern speakeasy, the film follows two characters, Percival (Andre Benjamin), the club's piano player, and Rooster (Antwan Patton), the club's lead performer and manager, through intersecting stories of love and ambition.
Macy Gray, Charles Roven, Paula Jai Parker, Robert Guralnick, Terrence Dashon Howard, Ben Vereen, Jeff Whitty, Andre Benjamin
Drama Musical

The Protector

"The Protector" is the highly anticipated full bodied action film starring International Martial Arts superstar, Tony Jaa (Ong Bak). His world shaped by ancient traditions, a young Thai fighter (Jaa) is called to defend his people and their honor after outsiders ruin all that is sacred. Fueled by desire to protect a way of life and avenge the wrong done to his family, he will bring the fight to their city.
Tony Jaa, Somsak Techaratanaprasert, Sukanya Wongsathapat, Prachya Pinkaew, Mum Jokmok, Xing Jing, Bongkoj Khongmalai, Johnny Nguyen
Action Adventure Martial Arts

The Quiet R

Sent to live with a foster family, Dot, a deaf orphan girl, soon realizes that all is not copacetic in her new, seemingly average home.
Shawn Ashmore, Katy Mixon, Josh Carlson, Celester Collier, David Gallagher, Abdi Nazemian, Micah Schraft, Camilla Belle
Drama Comedy

Beerfest R

When American brothers Todd and Jan Wolfhouse (Eric Stolhanske and Paul Soter) travel to Germany to spread their grandfather's ashes at Oktoberfest, they stumble upon a super-secret, centuries old, underground beer games competition—Beerfest—the secret Olympics of beer drinking. The brothers receive a less than warm welcome from their German cousins, the Von Wolfhausens, who humiliate Todd and Jan, slander their relatives, and finally cast them out of the event. Vowing to return in a year to defend their country and their family's honor, the Wolfhouse boys assemble a ragtag dream team of beer drinkers and gamers: Barry Badrinath (Jay Chandrasekhar), the consummate skills player with a dark past; Phil Krundle (Kevin Hefferman) AKA "Landfill," the one-man chugging machine; and Steve "Fink" Finklestein (Steve Lemme), the lab tech with a Masters degree in All Things Beer. This Magnificent Five train relentlessly, using their hearts, minds and livers to drink faster, smarter and harder than they ever have before. But first they must battle their own demons... as well as a bunch of big, blond, German jerks who want to destroy the team before they can even make it back to Munich. Revenge, like beer, is best served cold.
Bill Gerber, Richard Perello, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter, Erik Stolhanske, Mo'Nique, Cloris Leachman

Invincible PG

A sports drama inspired by a true story about a man who had nothing to lose, and pushed to make his dreams come true. When the coach of Vince Papale's beloved hometown football team hosted an unprecedented open tryout, the public consensus was that it was a waste of time--no one good enough to play professional football was going to be found this way. Certainly no one like Papale--a down-on-his-luck, 30-year-old, substitute teacher and part-time bartender who never even played college football. But against these odds, Papale made the team and soon found himself living every fan's fantasy--moving from his cheap seats in the upper deck to standing on the field as a professional football player.
Mark Wahlberg, Elizabeth Banks, Ericson Core, Ken Mach, Mark Ciardi, Gordon Gray, Victor Constantino, Nikki Reed
Drama Sports
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