March 2006 Movies

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The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things

This is a portrait of a child who is sexually abused by his mother's former lover.
Winona Ryder, Michael Prupas, Asia Argento, Roberta Hanley, Brian Young, Alain De la Mata, J.T. Leroy, Jeremy Renner
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Based on the Alice Hoffman novel, the film revolves around two teenage girls (JoJo, Emma Roberts) who discover a mermaid (Sara Paxton) in their beach club's swimming pool.
Emma Roberts, Susan Cartsonis, Elizabeth Allen, Steve R. McGlothen, JoJo, Tammin Sursok, Julia Blake, Roy Billing
Drama Comedy Family

16 Blocks

"16 Blocks" follows Jack Mosley (Bruce Willis), an aging cop assigned the mundane task of escorting a fast-talking, wise-cracking young witness (Mos Def) to the courthouse—sixteen city blocks away—and the action-packed thrill ride that takes place in those "sixteen blocks."
Richard Wenk, Avi Lerner, John Thompson, Danny Dimbort, Richard Donner, Arnold Rifkin, Jim Van Wyck, Bruce Willis
Drama Action Adventure Crime Gangster

Denizens of the Deep

From the maker of "Into The Deeep" comes another unforgettable IMAX 3D Experience: "Denizens of the Deep" is an astonishing IMAX 3D close encounter with some of the most exotic creatures inhabiting the hidden depths. In the realm of the giant octopus, the rainbow nudibranch, and the Scorpion fish, each one of us becomes a fearless undersea explorer, discovering the strange and unusual partnerships these "star wars" creatures forge to ensure their survival, and learning how this co-operation allows life in this enchanting world to flourish.
Toni Myers, Brad Ball, Graeme Ferguson

Goal! The Dream Begins

How far would you go to live your dream? When Santiago Munez (Kuno Becker) is given the chance of a lifetime, he must leave his family, his life in Los Angeles and everything that he knows to travel halfway around the globe to England and into a completely foreign world -- the exciting, fast-paced and glamorous world of international soccer.

As an underprivileged Mexican-American immigrant growing up in the poor section of Los Angeles, Santiago seemed destined to follow his father's path in life: laboring at menial jobs to earn just enough money to support his family. Naturally gifted, his amazing talent on the soccer field was wasted in recreation league games while he could only dream of playing on the world stage of professional soccer. But when a British scout (Stephen Dillane) discovers his talent and gets him a tryout with one of England's premier soccer clubs, Newcastle United, Santiago must choose between his father's fate and his own destiny.

Now alone in a world where soccer is a religion and players are gods, this underdog must prove that he's got the talent and determination to make it amongst the best in the world.
Stellan Skarsgard, Kuno Becker, Michael Winterbottom, Mark Huffam, Piers Ashworth, James Nesbitt, Marcel Iures, Danny Cannon
Drama Action Sports

Joyeux Noel

Based on a true story, the film recreates one Christmas night during WWI when enemies were able to lay aside their differences, visit each others trenches and celebrate the holiday.
Diane Kruger, Guillaume Canet, Christian Carion, Christophe Rossignon, Benno Furmann, Gary Lewis, Dany Boon
Drama Historical

Dave Chapelle's Block Party

"Dave Chappelle's Block Party" spotlights comedy superstar Dave Chappelle in all-new freestyle standup material, and also one-time-only performances by Kanye West, Mos Def, Erykah Badu, Dead Prez, Jill Scott, and The Roots, among others. The unprecedented combination of comedy and music was shot on location last year, as Chappelle threw a party in downtown Brooklyn, inviting local residents and cameras.
Jeff Katz, Michel Gondry, Dave Chappelle, Kanye West, Mos Def, Erykah Badu, Dead Prez
Comedy Documentary

Failure to Launch

Tripp (Matthew McConaughey), 35, has never been able to leave the nest. Now, his desperate parents have had enough. They hire the gorgeous and talented girl of his dreams (Sarah Jessica Parker) to get him to move out of the house.
Matthew McConaughey, Bradley Cooper, Tom J. Astle, Matt Ember, Zooey Deschanel, Justin Bartha, Tom Dey, Scott Rudin

The Shaggy Dog

The story of a lawyer who occasionally transforms into, well, a large, shaggy sheepdog. Needless to say, the spontaneous changes don't help his legal career, but they do help him learn how to be a better family man.
Danny Glover, Spencer Breslin, Robert Downey Jr., Brian Robbins, Tim Allen, Tom Brady, Kristin Davis, David Hoberman
Drama Comedy Romance Remake Family Kids

Duck Season

"Duck Season" takes you into one particular Sunday morning in the lives of two fourteen-year old boys, Flama and Moko. With their neighbor Rita and pizza delivery boy Ulises, they create their own adventures to overcome their boredom. "Duck Season" explores the loneliness of childhood, the effects of divorce and the curious power of love and friendship.
Jaime Bernardo Ramos, Paula Marcovich, Enrique Arreola, Diego Catano, Danny Perea

The Hills Have Eyes

A new take on Wes Craven's 1977 film of the same name, "The Hills Have Eyes" is the story of a family road trip that goes terrifyingly awry when the travelers become stranded in a government atomic zone. Miles from nowhere, the Carters soon realize the seemingly uninhabited wasteland is actually the breeding ground of a blood-thirsty mutant family...and they are the prey.
Robert Joy, Ezra Buzzington, Ted Levine, Peter Locke, Wes Craven, Marianne Maddalena, Gregory Levasseur, Aaron Stanford
Thriller Suspense Horror Remake

Ask the Dust

Set in 1930s Los Angeles, the story follows Arturo Bandini (Colin Farrell), a first generation Italian hoping to become a writer, and Camilla (Eva Mendes), a Mexican woman who hopes to marry an American.
Idina Menzel, Tom Cruise, Salma Hayek, Paula Wagner, Colin Farrell, Charlie Hunnam, Eileen Atkins, Robert Towne
Drama Romance
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V for Vendetta

Set against the futuristic landscape of totalitarian Britain, V For Vendetta tells the story of a mild-mannered young woman named Evey (Natalie Portman) who is rescued from a life-and-death situation by a masked man (Hugo Weaving) known only as "V." Incomparably charismatic and ferociously skilled in the art of combat and deception, V ignites a revolution when he urges his fellow citizens to rise up against tyranny and oppression. As Evey uncovers the truth about V's mysterious background, she also discovers the truth about herself—and emerges as his unlikely ally in the culmination of his plan to bring freedom and justice back to a society fraught with cruelty and corruption.
Lana Wachowski, Natalie Portman, James McTeigue, Andy Wachowski, Joel Silver, James Purefoy, Stephen Fry, Stephen Rea
Drama Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-Fi

Steve Harvey's Don't Trip... He Ain't Through with Me Yet!

No plot details have been announced.
Leslie Small, Steve Harvey, Ricky Smiley
Comedy Documentary

She's the Man

It's hard enough being the nerdy new guy on campus without also being the new girl on campus, who has fallen for the coolest guy on campus, who is totally obsessed with the most beautiful girl on campus, who is "crushing" on the nerdy new guy on campus.

Viola Johnson (Amanda Bynes) had her own good reasons for disguising herself as her twin brother Sebastian (James Kirk) and enrolling in his place at his new boarding school, Illyria Prep. She was counting on Sebastian being AWOL from school as he tried to break into the music scene in London. What she didn't count on was falling in love with her hot roommate, Duke (Channing Tatum), who in turn only has eyes for the beautiful Olivia (Laura Ramsey). Making matters worse, Olivia is starting to fall for Sebastian, who—for reasons Olivia couldn't begin to guess—appears to be the sensitive type of guy she'd always dreamed of meeting. If things weren't complicated enough, the real Sebastian has come back from London two days earlier than expected and arrives on campus having no clue that he's been replaced…by his own twin sister.
Channing Tatum, Jessica Lucas, David Cross, Gary Lucchesi, Andy Fickman, Lauren Shuler Donner, Ewan Leslie, Karen McCullah Lutz
Comedy Teen

Don't Tell

"Don't Tell" is the story of Sabina (GiovannaMezzogiorno), a young woman whose peaceful existence is shattered by nightmares caused by memories of her childhood. Seeking answers, she flies to the U.S. to see her older brother, Daniele (Lugio Lo Cascio), but realizes that he, too, has been traumatized.
Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Lugio Lo Cascio

Don't Come Knocking

During production on his latest movie, an aging cowboy star walks away from the set and heads out on a journey of self-discovery.
Jean Reno, Wim Wenders, Ulrich Felsberg, Sam Shepard, Jessica Lange, Gabriel Mann, Clea DuVall

Find Me Guilty

"Find Me Guilty" is based on the true story of Giacomo "Jackie Dee" DiNorscio (Vin Diesel). After years of federal investigation, 20 members of the New Jersey Lucchese crime family are brought to court on 76 charges of various crimes. Already in the midst of serving a 30-year sentence, Jackie is offered an opportunity to shorten his time by testifying against many of his closest friends. But Jackie refuses to betray his "family," and goes so far as to defend himself in what will ultimately become the longest criminal trial of its time.

At first daunted by the complicated politics of the courtroom, Jackie comfortably takes over the spotlight, insisting "I'm no gangster... I'm a gagster." With his sheer determination and unconditional loyalty, Jackie never fails to surprise even those most skeptical of his intentions.

After 21 months, the Lucchese trial became the longest in U.S. criminal history, and has continued to stand out over the years as a unique moment in courtroom history, featuring 20 defendants, 20 defense attorneys, and unusually extensive summations; one defense lawyer's closing statement ran for 5 days alone. At times hilarious and at times deeply serious, the trial and Jackie's subsequent experiences at this crucial moment in the history of criminal prosecution culminated in one of the most shocking and remarkable verdicts in American judicial history.
Vin Diesel, Linus Roache, Ron Silver, Sidney Lumet, T.J. Mancini, Robert J. McCrea, Peter Dinklage, Annabella Sciorra
Drama Comedy Crime
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"Americano" centers around Chris McKinley (Joshua Jackson), a recent college graduate backpacking through Europe who savors his last three days of freedom before boarding the career fast track back in the United States. In Pamplona with two friends (Timm Sharp and Ruthanna Hopper), Chris meets an Australian thrill-seeker (Phil Barantini), a quintessential Spanish beauty (Leonor Varela) and an enigmatic provocateur (Dennis Hopper), all of whom encourage him to rethink his life. As the minutes and seconds until his departure tick away, Chris struggles with an age-old question: Should he follow the beaten path or risk it all on the road less traveled?
Joshua Jackson, Clark McCutchen, Dennis Hopper, Leonor Varela, Timm Sharp, Phil Barantini, Ruthanna Hopper

Inside Man

Denzel Washington stars as New York police detective Keith Miller, a tough, street-smart cop fighting for a promotion while trying to live down accusations of misconduct connected to his last case. When he and his partner are dispatched to the scene of an in-progress bank robbery and hostage crisis, Miller must face off against a well-educated criminal (Owen) masterminding a concisely plotted operation. As negotiations grow more strained, a powerful lawyer with mysterious ties (Foster) becomes involved in the crisis... and Miller slowly begins to realize that in this ultimate game of cat and mouse, rules are arbitrary, all roles are up for grabs and the black-and-white of right an wrong has blurred to a shadowy landscape of gray.
Willem Dafoe, Clive Owen, Jodie Foster, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Denzel Washington, Christopher Plummer, Spike Lee, Brian Grazer


"Brick" is a detective story set in a strange sort of high school world. Its primary inspiration are the novels of Dashiell Hammet. Its main character (Brendan Frye) is a loner at his high school, someone who knows all the angles but has chosen to stay on the outside. When the girl he loves turns up dead, he plunges into the school's social strata like a fist through a honeycomb to find the who and why, with the same single minded devotion to his self appointed task as Hammet's anti-heros.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Lukas Haas, Rian Johnson, Ram Bergman, Mark Mathis, Meagan Good, Richard Roundtree, Nora Zehetner
Drama Mystery

Thank You for Smoking

In a role Aaron Eckhart seems born to play, the hero of "Thank You for Smoking" is Nick Naylor, chief spokesman for Big Tobacco, who makes his living defending the rights of smokers and cigarette makers in today's neo-puritanical culture. Confronted by health zealots out to ban tobacco and an opportunistic senator (Macy) who wants to put poison labels on cigarette packs, Nick goes on a PR offensive, spinning away the dangers of cigarettes on TV talk shows and enlisting a Hollywood super-agent (Rob Lowe) to promote smoking in movies. Nick's newfound notoriety attracts the attention of both tobacco's head honcho (Duvall) and an investigative reporter for an influential Washington daily (Holmes). Nick says he is just doing what it takes to pay the mortgage, but he begins to think about how his work makes him look in the eyes of his young son Joey (Bright).
Maria Bello, David Koechner, William H. Macy, Jason Reitman, JK Simmons, Robert Duvall., David O. Sacks, Aaron Eckhart

Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector

Irreverent as ever, Larry plays a big city health inspector who's happy with his usual beat of greasy spoon diners and low-rent ethnic restaurants. But his easygoing life is turned upside-down when he's saddled with a straight-arrow rookie partner (Iris Bahr) and assigned the biggest case of his career: investigating an outbreak of mysterious food poisonings at the city's swankiest restaurants. Infuriating restaurateurs with his bad manners, Larry still manages to charm a sweet, shy waitress (Megyn Price) into a budding romance. But when his unorthodox methods cost him his job, Larry has to go undercover to bring the conspirators to justice and 'Git-R-Done!'
Joe Pantoliano, Tony Hale, David Koechner, Jonathan Bernstein, James Greer, Brooke Dillman, Megyn Price, Trent Cooper

Stay Alive

After the mysterious, brutal death of an old friend, a group of teenagers find themselves in possession of "Stay Alive", an ultra-realistic 3-D videogame based on the spine-chilling true story of a 17th century noblewoman known as "The Blood Countess." The gamers don't know anything about the game other than they're not supposed to have it... and they're dying to play it. Not able to resist temptation, the group begins to play the grisly game and soon a chilling connection is made - they are each being murdered one-by-one in the same method as the character they played in the game. As the line between the game world and the real world disappears, the group must find a way to defeat the vicious and merciless Blood Countess, all the while trying to... "Stay Alive".
Jimmi Simpson, Samaire Armstrong, Sophia Bush, Billy Slaughter, McG, Matthew Peterman, Adam Goldberg, Brent Bill
Thriller Suspense Horror


About an average, dysfunctional American family who is about to set off on the most dangerous, high-stakes, life-threatening and traumatizing adventure of their lives: two weeks together in an RV.
Lucy Fisher, Douglas Wick, Robin Williams, Barry Sonnenfeld, Kristin Chenoweth, Will Arnett, Geoff Rodkey, Lowell Ganz
Comedy Family Kids


Biopic of debauched 1960s rock icon, Brian Jones, the charismatic guitarist who founded the Rolling Stones but was fired in 1969 and found dead at the bottom of his swimming pool a few weeks later.
Ben Whishaw, Neal Purvis, Stephen Woolley, Gary Smith, Finola Dwyer, Robert Wade, Leo Gregory, Paddy Considine
Drama Foreign

Romance and Cigarettes

"Romance and Cigarettes" is a down-and-dirty musical love story set in the world of the working class. Nick (James Gandolfini) is an ironworker who builds and repairs bridges. He's married to Kitty (Susan Sarandon), a dressmaker, a strong and gentle woman with whom he has three daughters. He is carrying on a torrid affair with a redheaded woman named Tula (Kate Winslet). Nick is basically a good, hardworking man driven forward by will and blinded by his urges. Like Oedipus at Colonus, he is sent into exile and searches to find his way back through the damage he has done. In an imaginative, humorous, and touching way, "Romance and Cigarettes" explores the cost and value of a relationship through life and death. When the characters can no longer express themselves with language, they break into song, lip-synching the tunes lodged in their —to dream, to remember, and to connect to another human being.
Mary-Louise Parker, Mandy Moore, Steve Buscemi, Kate Winslet, John Turturro, Eddie Izzard, John M Penotti, Kumar Pallana
Comedy Romance

The Child

A dispossessed twenty-year old Bruno lives with his eighteen-year-old girlfriend Sonia in Seraing, an eastern Belgian steel town. They live off Sonia's unemployment benefits along with the panhandling and petty thefts committed by Bruno and his gang. Their lives change forever when Sonia gives birth to their child, Jimmy. She returns home after Jimmy's birth to find that Bruno has sublet their apartment to total strangers. After an initial and promising change of heart about becoming a father and changing his ways, Jimmy becomes little more to Bruno than a potential source of wealth. Desperate for money and unable to face his parental responsibilities, Bruno sells Jimmy to a black market connection, who promises to find the child an adoptive home. Realizing the error in his actions Bruno sets out to try and undo his callous deed, leading him to a powerful personal transformation.
Luc Dardenne, Jeremie Renier, Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Denis Freyd, Deborah François, Olivier Gourmet, Fabrizio Rongione, Jeremie Segard

Basic Instinct 2

Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone) relocates from San Francisco to London and quickly finds herself on the wrong side of the law. David Morrissey plays a criminal psychologist assigned the task of evaluating her by Scotland Yard. She may finally have met her match in the shrink.
David Thewlis, Mario Kassar, Sharon Stone, Michael Caton-Jones, Andrew G. Vajna, Moritz Borman, Henry Bean, Leora Barish
Drama Sequel Thriller Suspense Romance


The sleepy town of Wheelsy could be any small town in America – somewhat quaint and gentle, peopled with friendly folks who mind their own business. But just beneath the surface charm, something unnamed and evil has arrived…and is growing. No one seems to notice as telephone poles become clogged with missing pet flyers, or when one of the town's richest citizens, Grant Grant (Michael Rooker), begins to act strangely. But when farmers' livestock turn up horribly mutilated and a young women goes missing, Sheriff Bill Pardy (Nathan Fillion) and his team, aided by Grant's wife Starla (Elizabeth Banks), uncover the dark force laying siege to their town… and come face-to-face with an older-than-time organism intent on absorbing and devouring all life on Earth.
Elizabeth Banks, Scott Niemeyer, Marc Abraham, James Gunn, Paul Brooks, Eric Newman, Nathan Fillion, Michael Rooker
Thriller Suspense Horror

Lucky Number Slevin

"Lucky Number Slevin" is a drama set in a world where African-American and Jewish gangsters collide. Hartnett plays a man who has to kill the son of a rival crime boss. Kingsley will play Shlomo (aka the Rabbi), the head of the biggest crime syndicate in New York. Hartnett's character is caught in a case of mistaken identity and used by the mob boss as a patsy in a murder conspiracy.
Morgan Freeman, Kia Jam, Tyler Mitchell, Josh Hartnett, Lucy Liu, Stanley Tucci, A.J. Dix, Paul McGuigan
Drama Thriller Crime Gangster


The musical ensemble comedy is set in an Atlanta hip-hip roller-skating rink. T.I. will play Rashad, the head of a roller-skating team, while London will play New-New, an employee at the rink who is in love with him.
Will Smith, Gina Prince-Bythewood, Lauren London, Chris Robinson, James Lassiter, T.I., Dallas Austin, Jody Gerson
Comedy Musical

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown

While Skrat the Saber Toothed Squirrel is still ineffectually trying to regain his precious acorn, the misfit trio of Manny the Mammoth, Sid the Sloth and Diego the Sabretooth Tiger have settled down in an isolated valley with numerous other animals. However, the trio discover that the ice wall surrounding the valley is barely holding back a massive body of water behind it and it's melting state threatens to break and flood the valley. With their one chance of survival being a boat at the other end of the valley, the trio follow the desperate exodus there. Along the way, they meet Ellie, a female mammoth who is convinced she's a opossum like her brothers. While the strange group continues the trek, they must learn to get along even as Manny struggles to find some connection to this strange female who may be the only other one of his kind.
Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Chris Wedge, Lori Forte, Jon Vitti, Gerry Swallow, Peter Gaulke, Denis Leary
Action Adventure Comedy Sequel Family Kids Animation

The Devil and Daniel Johnston

"The Devil and Daniel Johnston" is a stunning portrait of a musical genius that nearly slipped away. It depicts a perfect example of brilliance and madness going hand in hand. Because Daniel Johnston is an artist suffering from manic depression with delusions of grandeur, wild fluctuations, numerous downward spirals, and periodic respites mark his life. The film artfully melds current footage, vintage performances, home movies, and dozens of recorded audiotapes from Johnston's life. Testimony from supportive friends and a deeply committed family adds a rich layer to Johnston's personal history, but Daniel Johnston's poetic songs tell their own passionate, haunting, and truly unforgettable story.
Jeff Feuerzeig, Henry S. Rosenthal, Ted Hope, Fortunato Procopio