Movies Released January 21, 2022

Friday, January 21

Redeeming Love PG-13

A Christian romantic drama set during the 1850s Gold Rush in California.
Nina Dobrev, D.J. Caruso, Famke Janssen, Wendy Hughes, Tom Lewis, Greg Campbell, B. Wayne Hughes, Abigail Cowen
Drama Romance Adaptation Period Faith
90 mins

The King's Daughter PG

Follows King Louis XIV (Pierce Brosnan) in a tale of how the French monarch tries to achieve immortality by stealing the life force from a mermaid.
Pierce Brosnan, Kaya Scodelario, Benjamin Walker, Rachel Griffiths, James Schamus, Ronald Bass, William Hurt, Sean McNamara
Adventure Fantasy Adaptation
93 mins

Warhunt R

1945. A US military cargo plane loses control and violently crashes behind enemy lines in the middle of the German black forest. Immediately ruthless Major Johnson (Mickey Rourke) sends a squad of his bravest soldiers on a rescue mission to retrieve the top secret material the plane was carrying. Led by Sergeant Brewer (Robert Knepper) and Walsh (Jackson Rathbone), the soldiers venture deep into the forest near the crash site. They soon discover hanged Nazi soldiers and other dead bodies bearing ancient, magical symbols. Suddenly their compasses fail, their perceptions twist and straying from the group leads to profound horror as they are attacked by a powerful, supernatural force. Fighting for their sanity and struggling to survive, they must uncover the shocking truth behind the force before the Nazis and do everything they can to remove all evidence it ever existed, even at the cost of their own lives.
Jackson Rathbone, Mauro Borrelli, Reggie Keyohara III, Scott Svatos, Robert Knepper, Mickey Rourke
Thriller Horror
102 mins

The Tiger Rising PG

A 12-year-old boy, Rob Horton, finds a caged tiger in the center of the woods near his home. Shortly after, Rob meets Sistine Bailey, a girl who shows her feelings as readily as Rob hides his. As they learn to trust each other and become friends, Rob and Sistine prove that some things – like memories, heartaches and tigers – can’t be locked up forever.
Dennis Quaid, Ray Giarratana, Deborah Giarratana, Queen Latifah, Katharine McPhee, Sam Trammell, Christian Convery, Nicholas Ryan Hernandez
Adventure Adaptation Teen Family

A Shot Through the Wall

After an accidental shooting of an innocent Black man in Brooklyn, Chinese-American police officer Mike Tan must wade through his profound guilt as he attempts to navigate the complicated worlds of media, justice, and racial politics.
Kenny Leu, Clifton Davis, Aimee Long, Ciara Renée, Lynn Chen, Tzi Ma, Derek Goh, and Dan Lauria
Drama Crime
127 mins

A Hero

A suspenseful plot that “tackles many contemporary issues of our modern societies.”
Asghar Farhadi, Amir Jadidi, Mohsen Tanabandeh, Fereshteh Sadre Orafaiy, Sarina Farhadi
Drama Thriller Suspense
3 / 5
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Munich - The Edge of War PG-13

Based on the international bestseller by Robert Harris. It is Autumn 1938 and Europe stands on the brink of war. Adolf Hitler is preparing to invade Czechoslovakia and Neville Chamberlain's government desperately seeks a peaceful solution. With the pressure building, Hugh Legat, British civil servant, and Paul von Hartmann, German diplomat, travel to Munich for the emergency Conference. As negotiations begin, the two old friends find themselves at the centre of a web of political subterfuge and very real danger. With the whole world watching, can war be averted and, if so, at what cost?
Jessica Brown Findlay, Jeremy Irons, George MacKay, Alex Jennings, Christian Schwochow, Ben Power, Robert Bathurst, August Diehl
Drama Thriller Historical Biography


Hanging out with friends, smoking too much, spinning bottles and kissing, making mistakes, playing, refusing to accept, dreaming with open eyes – life as a teenager can be overwhelmingly beautiful and difficult at the same time. Introverted high school girl Masha sees herself as an outsider unless she’s hanging out with her two best friends, Yana and Senia, who share her non-conformist status. While trying to navigate through her last year of school, Masha falls in love in a way that forces her out of her comfort zone. Like a gentler, deeply emotional, and multi-layered version of 'Euphoria' out of Ukraine.
Kateryna Gornostai, Maria Fedorchenko, Arsenii Markov, Yana Isaienko, Oleksandr Ivanov
Drama Romance

Friday, January 21