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Ant-Man movie poster

Pre-Production: Production schedule preparation and planning as of January 5, 2013.  Have an update? Send it in!

Shooting Locations: London, UK

In Movie Theaters:Friday, July 17, 2015   Nationwide   
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. . . Ant Man
. . . Hank Pym
. . . Hope Van Dyne
Companies: Walt Disney Pictures & 3 more


The character, bio-scientist Dr. Henry Pym, debuted in 1962, as "The Man in the Ant Hill", who discovers a liquid that evaporates into a gas, reducing a man to the size of an insect. Inhaling the fumes Pym shrinks in size, scurries along the floor and soon finds himself trapped in an ant hill. Eventually he returns to his normal size, deems the formula too unpredictable and locks it away.

Additional Notes:

Based on the Marvel comic book property. At Comic-Con 2012, director Edgar Wright came onstage to show a test reel he did for the pic about Hank Pym, a scientist who discovers a way to diminish and increase his size in an instant. The still-unfinished clip was an action sequence, in which Ant-Man takes out a couple of security guards in micronized form (Variety, 07-14-12).

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