April 2008 Movies

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The Ruins R

Four American friends on vacation in Cancún, Mexico, meet a German tourist that persuades them to join his hunt for his younger brother, who was last seen with his girlfriend near some mysterious ruins.
Ben Stiller, Chris Bender, Joe Anderson, Laura Ramsey, Carter Smith, Stuart Cornfeld, Scott B. Smith, Jonathan Tucker
Drama Thriller Suspense Horror

Nim's Island PG

A heartfelt and hilarious adventure that chronicles the exploits of Nim, a young girl living a high-tech Robinson Crusoe existence on an unspoiled tropical island with her scientist father and her best friends - a motherly sea lion, a rambunctious iguana, and a sea turtle. When Nim's father embarks on a day of research at sea, she begins an unlikely e-mail communication with an agoraphobic novelist who lives in New York City. When a storm prevents her father's return and unpredictable dangers confront Nim and the Island, she must find the resources to survive. At the same time, the novelist begins to realize that her pen pal is not a scientist, but a little girl who is alone and in trouble, she also has to dig down for the courage to leave her safe haven and rescue Nim.
Gerard Butler, Jennifer Flackett, Joseph Kwong, Mark Levin, Paula Mazur, Wendy Orr, Jodie Foster, Abigail Breslin
Drama Adventure Family

Shine a Light PG-13

This Rolling Stones documentary focuses on the two concerts from the group's current "A Bigger Bang" tour and includes scenes from a recent concert in Austin, Texas. It also includes behind-the-scenes footage and interviews.
Mick Jagger, Martin Scorsese, Steve Bing, Michael Cohl, Victoria Pearman, Zane Weiner, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts

Leatherheads PG-13

Oscar winners George Clooney and Renee Zellweger match wits in "Leatherheads", a rapid-fire romantic comedy set against the backdrop of America's pro-football league in 1925. Clooney plays Dodge Connolly, a swaggering, aging football hero who is determined to guide his team from bar brawls to packed stadiums. But after the players lose their sponsor and the entire league faces certain collapse, Dodge convinces a college football star to join his ragtag ranks. The captain hopes his latest move will help the struggling sport finally capture the country's attention.

Welcome to the team Carter Rutherford (John Krasinski), America's prodigal son. A golden-boy war hero who single-handedly forced multiple German soldiers to surrender in WWI, Carter has dashing good looks and unparalleled speed on the field. But if Dodge thinks this new champ is too good to be true, then Lexie Littleton (Zellweger) can prove that's the case.

A cub journalist playing in the big leagues, Lexie is a spitfire newswoman who sniffs holes in Carter's war story. While she digs, however, the two teammates become off-field rivals for her affections. As the love triangle grows, Dodge fights to get the girl while he tries to keep his guys together. And if Connolly is certain of one thing...it's that you always keep one final play from the defense.
George Clooney, John Krasinski, Jonathan Pryce, Casey Silver, Grant Heslov, Renée Zellweger
Comedy Romance Sports

My Blueberry Nights PG-13

a Wong Kar Wai's debut English language feature, the internationally acclaimed director takes his audience on a dramatic journey across the distance between heartbreak and a new beginning.

After a rough break-up, Elizabeth (played by songstress Norah Jones in her screen debut) sets out on a journey across America, leaving behind a life of memories, a dream and a soulful new friend – a café owner (Jude Law) – all while in search of something to mend her broken heart. Waitressing her way through the country, Elizabeth befriends others whose yearnings are greater than hers, including a troubled cop (David Strathairn) and his estranged wife (Rachel Weisz) and a down-on-her luck gambler (Natalie Portman) with a score to settle.

Through these individuals, Elizabeth witnesses the true depths of loneliness and emptiness, and begins to understand that her own journey is part of a greater exploration within herself.
Natalie Portman, Jean Louis Piel, Wang Wei, Jude Law, Wong Kar Wai, Jacky Pang, Wong Kar-wai, Lawrence Block
Comedy Romance
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Day of the Dead R

The world is overrun by the return of the flesh hungry living-dead, leaving a small group of scientists and military personnel holed-up in an underground bunker as a last ditch effort to stay alive.
Nick Cannon, AnnaLynne McCord, James Dudelson, Avi Lerner, Boaz Davidson, George Furla, Jeffrey Reddick, Ving Rhames
Thriller Suspense Horror Remake

Chaos Theory PG-13

The story centers on a compulsive organizer (Reynolds) who decides to live his life without planning and in the process discovers love with Mortimer's character. Townsend completes the love triangle playing Buddy, the best friend of Reynolds' character who also falls in love with Mortimer's character.
Ryan Reynolds, Daniel Taplitz, Emily Mortimer, Marcos Siega, Frederic Golchan, Stuart Townsend
Comedy Romance

Street Kings R

A Los Angeles police officer has always done what was needed to solve homicides and crack down on gang violence, but he gets a wakeup call and decides he can no longer play the game that made him so effective.
Erwin Stoff, Chris Evans, Forest Whitaker, Naomie Harris, Lucas Foster, David Ayer, James Ellroy, John Ridley
Drama Crime Gangster

Young@Heart PG

Young@Heart, a New England Senior Citizen Chorus, delights audiences worldwide with their covers of everyone form James Brown to Coldplay.
Sally George, Bob Cilman
Musical Documentary Foreign

Battle in Seattle R

Set in 1999, during the World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle, an eclectic group of demonstrators, including environmental activists, doctors, anarchists, attorneys, eco-terrorists and just plain folks, brings the city to a state of near-chaos, and chases the WTO straight out of town.
Charlize Theron, Ray Liotta, Ashok Amritraj, Vanessa Pereira, Julien Remillard, Stuart Townsend, Andre Benjamin, Martin Henderson
Drama Historical

Prom Night PG-13

Donna's senior prom is supposed to be the best night of her life, one of magic, beauty, and love. Surrounded by her best friends, she should be safe from the horrors of her past. But when the night turns from magic to murder there is only one man who could be responsible... the man she thought was gone forever. Now, Donna and her friends must find a way to escape the sadistic rampage of an obsessed killer, and survive their Prom Night.
Brittany Snow, Kelly Blatz, Marc Forby, Nelson McCormick, Stephen Susco, Dana Davis, Jessica Troup, Scott Porter
Thriller Suspense Horror Teen

The Take

The story follows hard-working, middle class family man Felix Delgado (Leguizamo) who works for Dunbar Security, an armored transport company, and finds himself in the middle of a carefully orchestrated heist. Upon recovery, in addition to battling mood swings, pain and paranoia, Felix discovers that he's the prime suspect in the robbery, and takes it upon himself to do what the FBI and the police can't seem to handle: finding the real perpetrators and clearing his name.
Tyrese Gibson, Bobby Cannavale, Meagan Good, John Leguizamo, Brad Furman, Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, Rosie Perez
Drama Action Adventure

Smart People R

"Smart People" is the darkly comic story of Lawrence Wetherhold, a widowed and unhappy English professor played by Dennis Quaid, who has alienated his son and turned his daughter into an overachieving, friendless teen. He falls for Janet (Sarah Jessica Parker), one of his former students, while at the same time his ne'er-do-well brother (Thomas Haden Church) shows up at his door unexpectedly, triggering a series of comic crises and eventually growth in the family as they learn to reconnect.
Dennis Quaid, Bridget Johnson, Thomas Haden Church, Ellen Page, Naom Murro, Michael Costigan, Mark Poirier, Sarah Jessica Parker
Drama Comedy

The Visitor PG-13

In a world of six billion people, it only takes one to change your life. A college professor becomes embroiled in the lives of a young immigrant couple living in New York City and stumbles into an unexpected romance as a result. As these strangers struggle to deal with their individual lives in a changed world, their shared humanity is revealed in awkward, humorous and dramatic ways.
Tom McCarthy, Richard Jenkins, Hazz Sleiman, Hiam Abbass
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The Forbidden Kingdom PG-13

The story is based on the Chinese legend of the monkey king, and follows a teenager who finds the king's stick weapon in a pawn shop. The teen is transported back in time to ancient China, where he joins with some warriors as they attempt to free their king. Jet Li will play two roles - the monkey king and the silent monk. Jackie Chan will play monk T'sa-Ho.
Jackie Chan, Collin Chou, Rob Minkoff, John Fusco, Jet Li, Michael Angarano, Yifei Liu
Action Adventure Martial Arts

The Life Before Her Eyes R

Diana is a suburban wife and mother who begins to question her seemingly perfect life--and perhaps her sanity--on the 15th anniversary of a tragic high school shooting that took the life of her best friend. In flashbacks, Diana is a vibrant high schooler who, with her shy best friend Maureen, plot typical teenage strategies--cutting class, fantasizing about boys--and vow to leave their sleepy suburb at the first opportunity. The older Diana, however, is haunted by the increasingly strained relationship she had with Maureen as day of the school shooting approached. These memories disrupt the idyllic life she's now leading with her professor husband Paul and their young daughter Emma. As older Diana's life begins to unravel and younger Diana gets closer and closer to the fatal day, a deeper mystery slowly unravels.
Vadim Perelman, Todd Wagner, Uma Thurman, Mark Cuban, Marc Butan, Emil Stern, Evan Rachel Wood, Gabrielle Brennan
Drama Thriller

88 Minutes R

In "88 Minutes", Al Pacino stars as Dr. Jack Gramm, a college professor who moonlights as a forensic psychiatrist for the FBI. When Gramm receives a death threat claiming he has only 88 minutes to live, he must use all his skills and training to narrow down the possible suspects, who include a disgruntled student, a jilted former lover, and a serial killer who is already on death row, before his time runs out.
Benjamin McKenzie, Jon Avnet, Avi Lerner, George Furla, Gary Lerner, Gary Scott Thompson, Al Pacino, Alicia Witt
Drama Suspense


Willem Dafoe will play Stan Aubrey, a veteran cop investigating a serial killer who may be a copycat killer based on a famous murderer Stan allegedly disposed of five years ago. As the killings go on, his partner Carl Unger begins to suspect that Stan didn't do his due dilligence five years ago when he pronounced the killer dead.
Willem Dafoe, Henry S. Miller, Scott Speedman, Peter Stormare, Clea DuVall
Drama Crime Gangster

Where in the World is Osama bin Laden? PG-13

With a baby on the way, and a need to make the world safe for infant-kind, an unassuming guy from West Virginia takes on what no special ops team could do: he puts to use his complete lack of experience, knowledge, and expertise to find the most wanted man on earth.
Morgan Spurlock, Stacey Offman, Jeremy Chilnick
Comedy Documentary

Forgetting Sarah Marshall R

After a devastating break-up with his girlfriend, TV sitcom star Sarah Marshall, a heartbroken and depressed Peter heads to Hawaii for a little vacation to try his best to forget every detail of his relationship. But love laughs at Peter, because Sarah is vacationing in the same exclusive resort as Peter, along with her new boyfriend.
Bill Hader, Kristen Bell, Judd Apatow, Nicholas Stoller, Jason Segel, Mila Kunis, Richard Vane
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Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay R

"Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay" marks the triumphant return of these two hilarious, slacker anti-heroes. The movie stars John Cho as Harold and Kal Penn as Kumar, two stoners who can't seem to get a break. Their last adventure found them traveling across country to find a White Castle hamburger in order to satisfy a weed-induced case of "the munchies."

This time, the boys get themselves in trouble trying to sneak a bong onboard a flight to Amsterdam. Now, being suspected of terrorism, they are forced to run from the law and try to find a way to prove their innocence. What follows is an irreverent and epic journey of deep thoughts, deeper inhaling and a wild trip around the world that is as "un-PC" as it gets.
Nathan Kahane, Neil Patrick Harris, Kal Penn, Joe Drake, Jon Hurwitz, John Cho, Rob Corddry, Paula Garces
Comedy Sequel

Baby Mama PG-13

Successful and single businesswoman Kate Holbrook has long put her career ahead of a personal life. Now 37, she's finally determined to have a kid on her own. But her plan is thrown a curve ball after she discovers she has only a million-to-one chance of getting pregnant. Undaunted, the driven Kate allows South Philly working girl Angie Ostrowiski to become her unlikely surrogate. Simple enough. After learning from the steely head of their surrogacy center that Angie is pregnant, Kate goes into precision nesting mode: reading childcare books, baby-proofing the apartment and researching top pre-schools. But the executive's well-organized strategy is turned upside down when her Baby Mama shows up at her doorstep with no place to live. An unstoppable force meets an immovable object as structured Kate tries to turn vibrant Angie into the perfect expectant mom. In a comic battle of wills, they will struggle their way through preparation for the baby's arrival. And in the mid dle of this tug-of-war, they'll discover two kinds of family: the one you're born to and the one you make.
Maura Tierney, Sigourney Weaver, Lorne Michaels, Greg Kinnear, John Goldwyn, Michael McCullers, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler

Deception R

Ewan McGregor will play Jonathan, an accountant disconnected from life, who is reinvigorated by his new friend Wyatt (Hugh Jackman), a powerful and charismatic lawyer who introduces Jonathan to a mysterious sex club known as "The List". Shortly after meeting the woman of his dreams, Jonathan becomes the number one suspect in not only the woman's disappearance and possible murder, but also in a $20 million theft.
Hugh Jackman, Ewan McGregor, Mark Bomback, Patrick Marber, Michelle Williams, Natasha Henstridge, Marcel Langenegger, Arnold Rifkin
Action Thriller Suspense

Rogue R

Greg McLean's first acclaimed tour de force, "Wolf Creek," took audiences on a frightening, fact based road trip through the darkest parts of Australian Outback and the depraved human mind. Journeying home again, this time to the crocodile infested waters of Australia's remote wetlands, the director's wildlife boat tour is more down-under Jaws than Crocodile Dundee. Joining a beautiful local tour guide (Radha Mitchell) and an American writer on assignment (Michael Vartan), the rest of this thriller's food chain is composed of tourists and adventure seekers alike. Waiting in vain to be rescued on an ever-disappearing parcel of dry land, you will never guess their next move...as terror lies just beneath the surface.
Sam Worthington, Radha Mitchell, Greg McLean, Michael Vartan, Geoff Morrell, Rob Taylor, Heather Mitchell, Damien Richardson
Drama Action Adventure Thriller

Standard Operating Procedure

Tentatively titled S.O.P. (a military acronym for "Standard Operating Procedure"), the film will examine the unintended consequences of the Iraqi war with a focus on events at Abu Ghraib prison, notorious for the shocking photos which began to appear in global media in 2004. It is the story of soldiers who believed they were defending democracy but found themselves plunged into an unimagined nightmare.
Julie Bilson Ahlberg, Diane Weyermann

Deal PG-13

"Deal" revolves around an ex-gambler who teaches a hot-shot college student how to "play the player," vs. just the cards. But after the two have a bitter falling out, mentor and student find themselves competing against each other in the World Poker Tour championships.
Michael Arata, Burt Reynolds, Albert Salzer, Gil Cates Jr., Marc Weinstock, Bret Harrison, Shannon Elizabeth, Charles Durning

Mister Lonely

In Paris, a young American who works as a Michael Jackson lookalike meets Marilyn Monroe. She ends up inviting him to her home in Scotland, where she lives with Charlie Chaplin and her daughter, Shirley Temple.
Harmony Korine, Denis Lavant, Nadja Romain, Avi Korine, Diego Luna, Samantha Morton, James Fox, Anita Pallenberg