October 2013 Movies

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It's Christmas Eve and a soon to be shit-canned maintenance man (Dan Palmer) is changing light bulbs and cleaning toilets, instead of drinking egg-nog and making out with drunk receptionists at the annual office party. Unfortunately for this forlorn floor-sweeper he chooses to use the LADIES' RESTROOM the very second a ZOMBIE OUTBREAK occurs!
Christian James, Dan Palmer, Antonia Bernath, Tamaryn Payne, Mark Holden, Sarah Biggins
Comedy Horror

Lion Ark

A shocking undercover investigation leads to a ban on animal circuses in Bolivia. But the circuses defy the law. The team behind the investigation returns, tracks down the illegal circuses and saves every animal. The confrontations, heartache and incredible risks the rescue team face are all captured before a joyous finale sees 25 lions airlifted to freedom in Colorado.
Tim Phillips
Documentary Nature
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Branca's Pitch

A documentary that recounts the life of the Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher Ralph Branca, who lost the 1951 National League pennant to the New York Giants by giving up the game-winning home run.
Andrew J. Muscato, Jaclyn Paris, Ralph Branca, David Ritz, Bobby Valentine
Biography Sports Documentary

Let the Fire Burn

On May 13, 1985, a longtime feud between the city of Philadelphia and controversial radical urban group MOVE came to a deadly climax. By order of local authorities, police dropped military-grade explosives onto a MOVE-occupied rowhouse. TV cameras captured the conflagration that quickly escalated—and resulted in the tragic deaths of eleven people (including five children) and the destruction of 61 homes. It was only later discovered that authorities decided to “...let the fire burn.” Using only archival news coverage and interviews, first-time filmmaker Jason Osder has brought to life one of the most tumultuous and largely forgotten clashes between government and citizens in modern American history.
Jason Osder
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Runner Runner R

Set in Costa Rica and revolves around on the world of online casinos.
Ben Schwartz, Ben Affleck, Brad Furman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Davisson Killoran, Gemma Arterton, David Costabile
Drama Thriller Crime


Thor is on a mission to gather the key ancient relics – “Mjolnir” – his hammer from Valhalla, “Necklace of Mary Magdalene” from Mitgard and the “Horn” from Helheim. This needs to be accomplished before the Blood Eclipse, which happens once every 800 years, failing which, the pagan Viking Gods will never be able to rule and conquer mankind ever again. Only one man can stop him… Eirick, the undead.
Dominic Purcell, Natassia Malthe, Craig Fairbrass, Bruce Blain, Yusry A. Halim, Conan Stevens, Jesse Moss, Jon Foo
Action Adventure Fantasy 3D

Gravity PG-13

Story center on the sole surviving human member of a space mission, desperately trying to return home to Earth and her daughter.
Sandra Bullock, Thomas Tull, George Clooney, Jonas Cuaron, Basher Savage, Alfonso Cuarón, William Fay, David Heyman
Drama Thriller Suspense 3D Post-3D

Concussion R

A sexual examination of Abby (Robin Weigert), a forty something married wealthy, lesbian housewife who, after suffering a blow to the head from getting smacked by her son’s baseball—walks around every corner of her suburban life to confront a mounting desire for something else. She takes on a new project and purchases a pied-à-terre in Manhattan. Walking around the city streets reminds Abby what it feels like to be sexy, and her pent-up libido shakes off its inhibitions. Her newfound desire though is not a take-home item, so Abby inaugurates a double life as a high end escort.
Robin Weigert, Maggie Siff, Stacie Passon, Johnathan Tchaikovsky, Emily Kinney
New York / Los Angeles
3 / 5
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Pulling Strings PG

Alejandro (Jaime Camil) and his loyal best friend Canicas (Omar Chaparro) are hardworking mariachi singers looking for fame in Mexico City. More than just a mariachi, Alejandro has a second full time job – he's a single dad. When Alejandro tries to secure a visa for his young daughter to visit her grandparents in the U.S. Alejandro's request is flatly denied by a young embassy worker, Rachel (Laura Ramsey.) Later that evening, Alejandro and Canicas run into Rachel while playing a gig – which turns out to be a celebration of her promotion to a post in London. Alejandro seizes the coincidental encounter as a chance to change her mind on his rejected visa, and with Canicas by his side, they whisk her into an unforgettable adventure. And, while he gets busy pulling strings for a visa, it turns out the strings of his heart are pulled too.
Omar Chaparro, Tom Arnold, Pitipol Ybarra, Jaime Camil, Stockard Channing
Comedy Romance

Nothing Left to Fear R

Follows a young family as it tries to reinvent itself by moving to a small town in rural Kansas. The family is tormented by an ancient demon with an insatiable blood lust.
Shaun Redick, Anne Heche, Ethan Peck, Ray Mansfield, Anthony Leonardi, Jonathan W.C. Mills, Jennifer Stone, James Tupper
Thriller Suspense Horror

Grace Unplugged PG

20 years ago, Johnny Trey (James Denton) charted the Billboard top five single, "Misunderstood". Then, the hits stopped coming and he crash landed hard, a one hit wonder. Johnny found Christ and a new life for his family, far from the Hollywood Hills. He now serves as the praise music director of Homewood Community Church just south of Birmingham, AL. Serving alongside Johnny is his, now 18 year-old daughter, Grace (AJ Michalka).

Beautiful, extraordinarily talented and restless, Grace is so far undiscovered outside church. No longer satisfied with being dad's sidekick, she dreams of the day when she can carve her own path toward music immortality.

One day without warning, Grace leaves for Los Angeles. With the help of Johnny’s ruthless former manager, Frank “Mossy” Mostin (Kevin Pollak), she lands a record deal. Mossy sees in Grace a potential superstar and massive pay check. Grace seems prepared to walk away from her Christian faith and music to achieve her long-suppressed fantasy of pop stardom. Will she reject her faith, or rediscover it?
Brad J. Silverman, Michael Welch, Chris Ellis, Russ Rice, A.J. Michalka, Kevin Pollak, Shawnee Smith, James Denton
Drama Family Music Faith


Story of a grown man who is still caught in the crossfire of his parent's 15-year-old divorce.
Jessica Alba, Tim Perell, Jane Lynch, Adam Scott, Adam Pally, Bobby Cohen, Stuart J. Zicherman, Ben Karlin

CinemAbility PG-13

This star studded documentary takes us on a thought provoking and humorous journey to explore the evolution of disability portrayals in film and television. From the early days of silent films to present day, from Chaplin to X-Men, disability portrayals are ever changing. This dynamic documentary takes a detailed look at the evolution of "disability" in entertainment.
Jenni Gold

Parkland PG-13

An ensemble film exploring the impact of JFK's assassination on a wide range of characters in and around Dallas on that fateful day, including an FBI agent, a young doctor, a reporter, several Secret Service agents, Kennedy's staff, Oswald's older brother, Jackie Kennedy and Zapruder.
David Harbour, Zac Efron, Marcia Gay Harden, Jacki Weaver, Jackie Earle Haley, Bill Paxton, Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman

Bad Milo R

Duncan’s (Ken Marino) life is a real pain in the ass. Tormented by a manipulative, crooked boss (Patrick Warburton), a nagging mother (Mary Kay Place) with a boyfriend 1/3 her age, a deadbeat new age dad (Stephen Root), and a sweet, yet pressuring, wife (Gillian Jacobs), his mounting stress starts to trigger an insufferable gastrointestinal reaction. Out of ideas and at the end of his rope, Duncan seeks the help of a hypnotherapist (Peter Stormare), who helps him discover the root of his unusual stomach pain: a pintsized demon living in his intestine that, triggered by excessive anxiety, forces its way out and slaughters the people who have angered him. Out of fear that his intestinal gremlin may target its wrath on the wrong person, Duncan attempts to befriend it, naming it Milo and indulging it to keep its seemingly insatiable appetite at bay.
Ken Marino, JACOB VAUGHAN, Patrick Warburton, Gillian Jacobs, Peter Stormare, Stephen Root, Jonathan Daniel Brown, Toby Huss
Comedy Horror

The Summit R

Documents a calamitous expedition up K2, the second-highest peak in the world. The project explores what happened to a group of 24 climbers -- 11 of whom were killed or vanished during a trek to the summit.
Nick Ryan

All is Bright R

Two French Canadian ne’er-do-wells travel to New York City with a scheme to get rich quick selling Christmas trees. Easygoing charmer Rene (Paul Rudd) clashes with misanthropic ex-con Dennis (Paul Giamatti), whose wife Rene just stole. Still, this odd couple must make an honest go of it.
Paul Rudd, Phil Morrison, Melissa James Gibson, Paul Giamatti, Sally Hawkins, Amy Landecker
Comedy Holiday

After Tiller PG-13

After Tiller explores the highly controversial subject of third-trimester abortions in the wake of the 2009 assassination of practitioner Dr. George Tiller. The procedure is now performed by only four doctors in the United States, all former colleagues of Dr. Tiller, who risk their lives every day in the name of their unwavering commitment toward their patients.
Martha Shane, Lana Wilson

I'm in Love With a Church Girl

Miles Montego (Ja Rule) has it all - cars, boats, good looks, mansion, money, women, but more importantly, he has a past. Miles is a retired high level drug trafficker who is now completely legitimate. Even though Miles has turned over a new leaf, the DEA can't seem to let him out of their sights. Miles' only downfall is that he is extremely loyal to his circle of friends and former colleagues who are not retired from the lucrative business. Struggling to keep on the right side of the law, Miles meets the one girl of his dreams but she's not the usual type of girl that he's used to dating. Vanessa (Adrienne Bailon) is a church girl in every sense of the word. They are tested to their last ounce of faith and strength in God and each other. God continues to chip away at Miles through struggles from his past, having to live up to his reputation, feelings of unworthiness, the death of his mother, federal charges, his friends being indicted, the strain on his relationship with Vanessa, almost losing her in a near fatal car accident, and finally the spiritual breakdown and one on one with God that brings Miles to his knees.
Stephen Baldwin, Michael Madsen, Steve Race, Galley Molina, Adrienne Bailon, Martin Kove, Vincent Pastore, Ja Rule
Drama Romance Faith

Metallica Through The Never R

Dane DeHaan plays a young band crew member who is sent out on an urgent mission while the band is playing a rousing live set in front of a sold-out crowd and unexpectedly finds his world turned completely upside down.
Charlotte Huggins, Robert Trujillo, Nimrod Antal, Dane DeHaan, James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, Mackenzie Gray
Music 3D

I Used to Be Darker

When Taryn, a Northern Irish runaway, finds herself in trouble in Ocean City, MD, she seeks refuge with her aunt and uncle in Baltimore. But Kim and Bill have problems of their own: they’re trying to handle the end of their marriage gracefully for the sake of their daughter Abby, just home from her first year of college. A story of family revelations, people finding each other and letting each other go, looking for love where they’ve found it before and, when that doesn’t work, figuring out where they might find it next
Matthew Porterfield, Amy Belk, Deragh Campbell, Hannah Gross, Ned Oldham, Kim Taylor, Nicholas Petr
Drama Music

The Dirties

The story of two best friends who film a comedy about killing their school bullies, but to one of them it isn't just a joke.
Matthew Johnson, Jay McCarrol, Owen Williams, Krista Madison, Brandon Wickens, Josh Boles

Running Wild: The Life of Dayton O. Hyde

Running Wild: The Life of Dayton O. Hyde examines the inspirational life of Dayton O. Hyde as a modern-day renaissance man and one of the last old-style cowboys. Through heroic determination, he is preserving part of the American West with a breathtaking 12,000-acre prairieland Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary in South Dakota that he has maintained for the last 25 years and where more than 500 mustangs now run free—all rescued from the controversial wild horse roundups in the west.
Suzanne Mitchell

Argento's Dracula 3D

Dario Argento returns with a bloody, luridly creepy 3D version of the classic vampire tale, drenched in gore and sex. An unsuspecting Englishman arrives in Transylvania, lured by a job with a local nobleman. But the undead Count Dracula’s real target is the man’s innocent young wife. Featuring the iconic Rutger Hauer as vampire hunter Van Helsing and the inimitable Asia Argento (the director’s own daughter) as a local all-too-eager to fall under the Count’s sway.
Dario Argento, Thomas Kretschmann, Marta Gastini, Asia Argento, Unax Ugalde, Miriam Giovanelli
Thriller Horror 3D
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A high-energy interactive movie theater event that fuses music, comedy, and inspirational messages creating a moment where young people and those who believe in them fill theaters across North America. SURGE features empowering and inspirational messages by Ron Luce interwoven between the hilarious comedy of John Gray and musical performances by award-winning Christian artists Casting Crowns, Newsboys, Lecrae and worship artists Acquire the Fire LIVE.
Comedy Teen Music

Machete Kills R

Machete returns in the second chapter of a planned trilogy.
Charlie Sheen, Michelle Rodriguez, Amber Heard, Alexa Vega, Danny Trejo, Zoe Saldana, Jessica Alba, Sergei Bespalov
Action Sequel

Captain Phillips PG-13

Captain Richard Phillips attempts to escape from armed Somali pirates while the U.S. Navy tries to rescue him.
Scott Rudin, Paul Greengrass, Kevin Spacey, Dana Brunetti, Catherine Keener, Yul Vazquez, Michael De Luca, Billy Ray
Drama True Story

Romeo and Juliet PG-13

Two young teens fall in love, but their respective families are violently feuding, keeping them apart, and leading the two to their tragic deaths.
Hailee Steinfeld, Carlo Carlei, Ed Westwick, Holly Hunter, Paul Wesley, Ileen Maisel, Mark Ordesky, Julian Fellowes
Drama Romance Teen


The story centers on the real-life story of Hilly Kristal's CBGB club and its impact on the underground music scene, highlighting artists like the Talking Heads, the Ramones and Blondie.
Estelle Harris, Ashley Greene, Brad Rosenberger, Johnny Galecki, Justin Bartha, Jody Savin, Randall Miller, Donal Logue
Drama Biography Music True Story

Snow Queen PG

The ice-cold Snow Queen wishes to turn the world into a frozen landscape, with no light, no joy, no happiness, and no free will. A young man, Kai, is rumored to be the son of a man who is the queen’s only remaining threat. He is abducted and held captive in the queen’s palace, and it’s up to his sister, Gerda, to rescue him. Gerda journeys across an icy land, facing difficult obstacles and meeting wonderful new friends that help her in her quest to set Kai free, defeat the Snow Queen, and save the world from eternal frost.
Timur Bekmambetov, Vladlen Barbe, Maksim Sveshnikov, Doug Erholtz, Wendee Lee, Marianne Miller, Cindy Robinson, Jessica Straus
Fantasy Animation 3D

Sweetwater R

In the late 1800s, a fanatical religious leader, a renegade Sheriff, and a former prostitute collide in a blood triangle on the rugged plains of the New Mexico Territory.
Ed Harris, Jason Aldean, January Jones, Jason Isaacs, Eduardo Noriega, Chad Brummett, Jenny Gabrielle, Peter Wooster

I Will Follow You Into the Dark NR

After the deaths of both her parents, a severely depressed girl is convinced that the afterlife is mere oblivion and she retreats within herself, only to be drawn out of her depressive funk by an unexpected romance. When her new love disappears, she pursues him -- even if it means walking across the threshold into death.
Mark Holder, Mischa Barton, Mark Robinson, Christine Holder, Leah Pipes, Ryan Eggold, Jaz Martin
Thriller Suspense

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane R

Mandy Lane. Beautiful. Untouched. High school royalty waiting to be crowned. Since the dawn of Junior year, men have tried to possess her. Some have even died in reckless pursuit of this 16 year-old Texas angel.

Chloe and Red invite Mandy out to Red's family ranch for the weekend. Mandy sees it as an excellent opportunity to cement her new friendships. The boys see it as an opportunity to finally get with Mandy Lane. Driving across the Texas landscape, the kids begin to gently chip away at the wall that surrounds her. Joints are smoked. A keg is stolen off a beer truck. Pills are crushed to fine powder and inhaled. Mandy observes it all with the gentle interest of a foreign tourist. And they love her for it.

At the ranch, all the boys start to make their move – each one hoping to be the first to attain the unattainable Mandy Lane. However, as night falls and the booze, drugs, and hormones take over, things are said and advances made which can never be reversed. Suddenly, sweet Mandy finds herself pit in a brutal struggle for survival against someone whose interest she has rejected. Forget reading, writing and arithmetic. In high school, learning to be yourself and not succumbing to peer pressure is the ultimate test. And this is one exam that Mandy is determined not to fail.
Amber Heard, Michael Welch, Edwin Hodge, Jonathan Levine, Jacob Forman, Anson Mount, Aaron Himelstein
Thriller Horror
New York / Los Angeles
2 / 5
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As I Lay Dying R

Based on the 1930 William Faulkner classic of the same title, the story is told through the voices of several narrators about the death of Addie Bundren.
Danny R. McBride, Tim Blake Nelson, James Franco
Drama Adaptation

Where the Devil Hides PG-13

Follows a small commune on the verge of witnessing an age old prophecy, that predicts the coming of the devil's daughter, come to fruition. As the shared eighteenth birthday of five girls approaches a sequence of murders causes panic to spread through the community making those to wonder whether the prophecy is coming true or someone is silencing those that known too much.
Colm Meaney, Anne Heche, Pete Shilaimon, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Christian E. Christiansen, Mickey Liddell, Michael Zelman, Jennifer Hilton
Thriller Horror

Cassadaga R

Centers on a deaf girl who attempts to contact her late sister's spirit during a seance but instead attracts the avenging ghost of a murdered woman.
Kevin Alejandro, Louise Fletcher, Anthony DiBlasi, Scott Poiley, Bruce Wood, Kelen Coleman, Rus Blackwell, Hank Stone
Thriller Supernatural

The Inevitable Defeat Of Mister And Pete R

Separated from their mothers and facing a summer in the Brooklyn projects alone, two boys hide from police and forage for food, with only each other to trust. A story of salvation through friendship and two boys against the world.
Eric Ruffin, George Tillman, Jr., George Tillman Jr., Michael Starrbury, Anthony Mackie, Jennifer Hudson, Jeffrey Wright, Jordin Sparks

Escape From Tomorrow

An epic battle begins when a middle-aged American husband and father of two learns that he has lost his job. Keeping the news from his nagging wife and wound-up children, he packs up the family and embarks on a full day of park hopping amid enchanted castles and fairytale princesses. Soon, the manufactured mirth of the fantasy land around him begins to haunt his subconscious. An idyllic family vacation quickly unravels into a surrealist nightmare of paranoid visions, bizarre encounters, and an obsessive pursuit of a pair of sexy teenage Parisians.
Randy Moore
Drama Fantasy

Broadway Idiot

The documentary feature chronicling the creation of the legit musical version of Green Day album “American Idiot”.
Doug Hamilton

Ghost Team One R

When roommates Brad and Sergio accidentally arouse the dead, they team up with sexy amateur ghost hunter, Fernanda, to expose the evil inside their home. But just as the guys start to get close to their hot new partner, they discover that a horny demon wants in on the action. Now, cameras are up and more than fear is rising in this outrageous romp where only one thing is certain: someone is gonna get screwed.
James Babson, J.R. Villarreal, Ben Peyser, Scott Rutherford, Carlos Santos, Tony Cavalero, Meghan Falcone
Comedy Horror


A successful German director travels with his son to Marrakesh, where he is staging a play. He attempts to reconnect with the estranged boy but instead drives him away. The son seeks solace in the city’s sleazy nightclubs where he meets a feisty prostitute. She takes him to her hometown and helps him gain the courage to stand up to his father.
Ulrich Tukur, Caroline Link, Hafsia Herzi, Samuel Schneider

Aerosmith: Rock for the Rising Sun

The film captures Aerosmith at seven different venues during their 2011 tour across Japan. The footage that makes up the film was originally only intended for Aerosmith’s personal archives, but the band and its management found it so captivating that they wanted to make it available to their fans.
Casey Tebo
Documentary Concert

The Fifth Estate R

Tells the true story of Julian Assange, who founded the whistleblower website, WikiLeaks.
Benedict Cumberbatch, Laura Linney, David Thewlis, Michael Sugar, Josh Singer, Bill Condon, Holly Bario, Kira Goldberg
Drama True Story

Escape Plan R

The world's foremost authority on structural security is forced to escape from the master prison of his own design and use every trick up his sleeve to find the person who put him there.
Randall Emmett, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Jason Keller, Miles Chapman, Vincent D'Onofrio, 50 Cent, Mikael Hafstrom
Drama Action Thriller

Carrie R

A hyperkinetic teenager gets pushed too far at the prom and wreaks havoc on her fellow high school students.
Kimberly Peirce, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Chloë Grace Moretz, Julianne Moore, Gabriella Wilde, Judy Greer, Portia Doubleday
Horror Remake Adaptation

Broadway Idiot

The documentary feature chronicling the creation of the legit musical version of Green Day album “American Idiot”.
Doug Hamilton
In Theaters
3 / 5
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Follows a ghost of a murdered teenager who tries to save a living girl from the same fate.
Abigail Breslin, Peter Outerbridge, Vincenzo Natali, David Hewlett, Stephen McHattie
Thriller Mystery

Kill Your Darlings

Story of the 1944 murder that brought together the Beats...Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs.
Elizabeth Olsen, Christine Vachon, Steve Dontanville, John Krokidas, Austin Bunn, Daniel Radcliffe, Dane DeHaan, Jack Huston
Drama Thriller Suspense Biography
New York / Los Angeles
3 / 5
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12 Years a Slave R

Solomon Northrup is kidnapped in Washington in 1841 and later rescued from a cotton plantation in Louisiana in 1853.
Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt, Steve McQueen, Dede Gardner, Michael K. Williams, Garret Dillahunt, Jeremy Kleiner, John Ridley
Drama Historical Adaptation

Seasons of Gray: A Modern Day Joseph Story PG-13

Brady Gray was always the favorite son. Overcome by jealousy, his brothers resort to an unforgivable crime to drive him away from their father's ranch. Brutally beaten and hauled away to an uncertain destiny, Brady chooses to forget the past and start anew. Yet his troubles are just beginning. Falsely accused of assaulting his new boss's wife, he ends up in prison. Daring to believe there may be some purpose in his suffering, he's given a change to turn his life around. At long last, success brings him the opportunity to decide the fates of the men who wronged him. But what man intends for evil, God intends for good. This simple, yet powerful, message is all he has left. Brady must now decide whether acts of cruelty or the hand of providence will mark the seasons of his life.
Paul Stehlik Jr., Sarah Stehlik, Andrew Cheney

Hellbenders R

Pitched as being in the vein of "The Exorcist" and "Ghostbusters," story takes place in modern day New York, where a team of holy men (consisting of ministers and priests) battle the forces of evil.
J.T. Petty, Kelly McCormick, Dan Fogler, David Moscow, Jon Denny, Lawrence Mattis, Clifton Collins, Clancy Brown
Comedy Horror 3D

Big Ass Spider! PG-13

The unlikely heroic duo of a blue-collar exterminator (Greg Grunberg) and Latino security guard (Lombardo Boyar) must save the day when a giant spider escapes from a military lab and rampages the city of Los Angeles.
Lin Shaye, Mike Mendez, Gregory Gieras, Greg Grunberg, Lombardo Boyar, Ray Wise

Paradise PG-13

A young conservative religious woman loses her faith after a plane crash, decides to go to Las Vegas to live the life of a sinner, and on her journey finds her way back to her faith.
Diablo Cody, Mason Novick, Holly Hunter, Julianne Hough, Russell Brand, Octavia Spencer, Nick Offerman, Phil Austin

All Is Lost PG-13

A man braves the elements to survive.
J.C. Chandor, Zachary Quinto, Robert Redford, Cassian Elwes, Laura Lister

American Promise NR

American Promise spans 13 years as Joe Brewster and Michèle Stephenson, middle-class African-American parents in Brooklyn, N.Y., turn their cameras on their son, Idris, and his best friend, Seun, who make their way through one of the most prestigious private schools in the country. Chronicling the boys' divergent paths from kindergarten through high school graduation at Manhattan's Dalton School, this provocative, intimate documentary presents complicated truths about America's struggle to come of age on issues of race, class and opportunity.
Joe Brewster, Michele Stephenson

Birth of the Living Dead

In 1968, a young college drop-out named George A. Romero directed Night of the Living Dead, a low budget horror film that shocked the world, became an icon of the counterculture, and spawned a zombie industry worth billions of dollars that continues to this day.

Birth of the Living Dead shows how Romero gathered an unlikely team of Pittsburghers -- policemen, iron workers, teachers, ad-men, housewives and a roller-rink owner -- to shoot a revolutionary guerrilla style film that went on to become a cinematic landmark, offering a profound insight into how our society worked in a singular time in American history.
Rob Kuhns
Documentary Zombies

Enzo Avitabile Music Life

Enzo Avitabile, renowned Neapolitan saxophonist and singer/songwriter, is here filmed by Oscar-winning director Jonathan Demme, a longtime admirer of Avitabile’s music. This work represents an incredible opportunity as one of the world’s great directors tells us not just about the music of a singular artist in its fusion of Neapolitan, world music (and especially Arab with performances by Naseer Shamma and Palestinian singer Amal Murkus) and jazz but also of a city, Naples, with all of its treasures and contradictions, as Enzo creates amazing new music with collaborators from all over the world, including Eliades Ochoa of Buena Vista Social Club, Naseer Shamma, Daby Touré and Trilok Gurtu. Music and a movie you will never forget!
Jonathan Demme
Documentary Music

Coffee, Kill Boss

Story centers on ten executives secretly meeting to sell off their company, and being murdered one by one.
Eddie Jemison, Nathan Marshall, Noureen Dewulf, Robert Forster, Peter Breitmayer, Richard Riehle, Jack Wallace, Denise Grayson
Comedy Thriller

The Counselor R

Set in the Southwest, a respected lawyer thinks he can dip a toe into the drug business without getting sucked down. It is a bad decision and he tries his best to survive it and get out of a desperate situation.
Ridley Scott, Natalie Dormer, Javier Bardem, Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender, Nick Wechsler, Paula Mae Schwartz, Penelope Cruz
Drama Thriller

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa R

With each Jackass movie opening with a higher box office than the previous and the production budgets very low, it seems that the creation of another Jackass movie is simply a matter of time.
Johnny Knoxville, Jeff Tremaine, Jackson Nicoll, Spike Jonze
Comedy Sequel

Blue Is the Warmest Color NC-17

A 15-year old, Adèle (Adèle Exarchopoulos) has no doubt: a girl must date boys. Her life is turned upside down when she meets Emma (Léa Seydoux), a blue haired young woman, who allows her to discover desire and to assert herself as a woman and an adult.
Abdellatif Kechiche, Salim Kechiouche, Adele Exarchopoulos, Léa Seydoux, Jeremie Laheurte, Catherine Salée
Drama Provocative

The Pin R

Two young people find love while in hiding during WWII. The boy, now an old man, works as a Shomer, a religious watchman responsible for guarding the souls of the dead before their burial. One night he comes face-to-face with his long lost love when her dead body is wheeled into the morgue where he works. As he is presented with a final chance at redemption, he recalls the brief but intense circumstances of their love affair.
Naomi Jaye, Milda Gecaite, Grisha Pasternak, Paskal Vaklev

Spinning Plates

Follows three extraordinary restaurants and the incredible people who make them what they are. These stirring stories range from Alinea, recipient of three Michelin stars and the seventh-best restaurant in the world, whose chef must battle life-threatening cancer, to a 150 year-old family restaurant in Iowa with an unbreakable bond with its community, to a fledgling Mexican restaurant whose immigrant owners risk everything to provide a better life for their young daughter.
Joseph Levy, Miranda Bailey, Matthew Leutwyler


Vincent Lindon plays a captain on a container-ship called back to Paris by his desperate sister, portrayed by Chiara Mastroianni, to exact revenge on a powerful businessman who she blames for her husband’s suicide and the failure of the family business.
Vincent Lindon, Chiara Mastroianni, Claire Denis, Michel Subor
Drama Family

Wilde Salome R

The unconventional feature documentary invites audiences into Al Pacino’s private world, as he explores the complexities of Oscar Wilde’s acclaimed play Salome, Wilde himself and the birth of a rising star, in actress Jessica Chastain.
Al Pacino, Jessica Chastain, Kevin Anderson
Drama Documentary

Enzo Avitabile Music Life

Enzo Avitabile, renowned Neapolitan saxophonist and singer/songwriter, is here filmed by Oscar-winning director Jonathan Demme, a longtime admirer of Avitabile’s music. This work represents an incredible opportunity as one of the world’s great directors tells us not just about the music of a singular artist in its fusion of Neapolitan, world music (and especially Arab with performances by Naseer Shamma and Palestinian singer Amal Murkus) and jazz but also of a city, Naples, with all of its treasures and contradictions, as Enzo creates amazing new music with collaborators from all over the world, including Eliades Ochoa of Buena Vista Social Club, Naseer Shamma, Daby Touré and Trilok Gurtu. Music and a movie you will never forget!
Jonathan Demme
Documentary Music

Animals NR

Martin Freeman plays a secondary school teacher in "Animals," a fantasy-laced coming-of-age tale.
Marcal Fores, Martin Freeman, Aintza Serra, Enric Pardo, Augustus Prew, Dimitri Leonidas, Oriol Pla
Drama Fantasy

Skinwalker Ranch R

In 2010, "Skinwalker Ranch" gained media attention after experiencing a wide range of unexplained phenomena. Reports ranged from UFO sightings to livestock mutilation, but maybe most notable was the disappearance of ranch owner Hoyt Miller's eight-year-old son Cody on November 11, 2010. Close to a year later, Modern Defense Enterprises has sent a team of experts to document and investigate the mysterious occurrences, which only escalate upon their arrival. Tensions rise as the team must decide how far they will go to unlock the mysteries of "Skinwalker Ranch." The group debates whether the answers are worth risking their lives for, or if they should just call off the investigation and leave the ranch—that is, if leaving is actually an option...
Devin McGinn, Kyle Davis, Adam Ohler, Jon Gries
Thriller Sci-Fi