Movies Released August 13, 2021

Friday, August 13

115 mins

Free Guy PG-13

Centers on a background character who realizes he’s living in a video game. With the help of an avatar, he tries to prevent the makers of the game from shutting down his world.
Jodie Comer, Lil Rel Howery, Taika Waititi, Shawn Levy, Greg Berlanti, Ryan Reynolds, Sarah Schechter, Matt Lieberman
Action Comedy Sci-Fi

Respect PG-13

Aretha Franklin begins her career as a child singing gospel at the church of her father, minister C. L. Franklin's church. With songs like "Respect", "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman", "Spanish Harlem" and "Think", Franklin gained the title "The Queen of Soul" by the end of the 1960s.
Forest Whitaker, Jennifer Hudson, Tate Donovan, Marlon Wayans, Mary J. Blige, Marc Maron, Tituss Burgess, Aaron L. Gilbert
Drama Biography Music

Don't Breathe 2 R

In Don't Breathe 2, the Blind Man has been hiding out for years in an isolated cabin and has taken in and raised a young girl orphaned from a house fire. Their quiet existence is shattered when a group of kidnappers show up and take the girl, forcing the Blind Man to leave his safe haven to save her.
Stephen Lang, Rocci Williams, Rodo Sayagues, Fede Alvarez, Bobby Schofield, Adam Young, Christian Zagia
Thriller Horror
126 mins

Raging Fire NR

Shan (Donnie Yen) is a highly respected hardline cop with a long history of success on dangerous cases. However, his past unexpectedly comes back to haunt him when a sting operation is attacked by a mysterious group of criminals led by Ngo (Nicholas Tse), his former protégé, a talented former officer who had once respected and admired Shan. However, a terrible mistake three years prior landed him in prison, quickly turning the once rising star into a furious man with a grudge, and the will to destroy everyone who had wronged him—including his former mentor.
Benny Chan, Donnie Yen, Nicholas Tse, Qin Lan
Action Adventure Thriller
76 mins

Ape Star PG

Joanna is a feisty young orphan who wants to be adopted more than anything. But when her potential new mom drives up to the orphanage, she gets a big shock when the door opens and a gorilla steps out! The ape and girl quickly overcome their physical differences. But will their newfound love survive the scheming of a local bully who’s out to separate the two?
Stellan Skarsgard, Linda Hambäck, Pernilla August, Melinda Kinnaman, Jack Bergenholz, Jan Vierth, Rebecca Gertsmann
Family Animation

The East

During the post-WW2 Indonesian War of Independence, a young Dutch soldier joins an elite unit led by a mysterious captain known only as “The Turk.” When the fighting intensifies, the young soldier finds himself questioning - and ultimately challenging - his commander’s brutal strategy to stop the resistance.
Jim Taihuttu, Martijn Lakemeyer, Jonas Smulders, Marwan Kenzari
Action Adventure
VOD / Digital
3 / 5
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114 mins

Battle For Afghanistan NR

1989. The end of the Soviet-Afghan war. The USSR begins to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan. Soviet General Vasilyev’s son – a pilot named Alexander - is kidnapped by the Mujahideen after his airplane crashes. As a result, the 108th Motor Rifle Division’s long awaited return home is put on hold for one last mission: bring the General’s son back. Based on true events, the previously untold story of this tragic withdrawal reveals the complexity of human nature during wartime.
Kirill Pirogov, Pavel Lungin, Aleksandr Lungin, Fyodor Lavrov, Oleg Vasilkov, Anton Momot, Yan Tsapnik
93 mins

Naked Singularity R

Centers on a successful New York public defender whose life begins to unravel after he loses his first case.
Ed Skrein, Bill Skarsgard, Tim Blake Nelson, John Boyega, Olivia Cooke, Todd Freeman, Chase Palmer, Tony Ganz
Drama Thriller Adaptation
VOD / Digital
2 / 5
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Seventeen-year-old Ruby (Emilia Jones) is the sole hearing member of a deaf family—a CODA, child of deaf adults. Her life revolves around acting as interpreter for her parents (Marlee Matlin, Troy Kotsur) and working on the family's struggling fishing boat every day before school with her father and older brother (Daniel Durant). But when Ruby joins her high school’s choir club, she discovers a gift for singing and soon finds herself drawn to her duet partner Miles (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo). Encouraged by her enthusiastic, tough-love choirmaster (Eugenio Derbez) to apply to a prestigious music school, Ruby finds herself torn between the obligations she feels to her family and the pursuit of her own dreams.
Emilia Jones, Sian Heder, Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Eugenio Derbez, Troy Kotsur, Daniel Durant, Amy Forsyth, Kevin Chapman
Apple TV+
4 / 5
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107 mins

Charming The Hearts Of Men NR

A romantic drama set during the politically charged early 60s where a sophisticated woman returns to her southern home town and discovers her options are limited yet discrimination is plentiful. With the help of a Congressional ally, she inspires historic legislation which allows opportunities and protections never before afforded to women.
Sean Astin, Kelsey Grammer, Anna Friel, S.E. DeRose, Courtney Gains
VOD / Digital
4 / 5
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The Lost Leonardo PG-13

Tells the inside story behind the Salvator Mundi, the most expensive painting ever sold at $450 million, claimed to be a long-lost masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci. From the moment it is purchased from a shady New Orleans auction house, and its buyers discover masterful brushstrokes beneath its cheap restoration, the fate of the Salvator Mundi is driven by an insatiable quest for fame, money and power. But as its price soars, so do questions about its authenticity. Is this multi-million dollar painting actually by Leonardo – or do certain power players simply want it to be?
Andreas Koefoed, Alexandra Bregman, Martin Kemp, Doug Patteson, Robert K. Wittman
New York / Los Angeles
4 / 5
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102 mins

Ema NR

After a shocking incident upends her family life and marriage to a tempestuous choreographer, Ema, a reggaeton dancer, sets out on an odyssey of personal liberation, in this incendiary drama about art, desire, and the modern family from director Pablo Larraín.
Pablo Larrain, Gael Garcia Bernal, Guillermo Calderon, Alejandro Moreno, Mariana Di Girolamo, Paola Giannini
105 mins

Swan Song R

Legendary actor Udo Kier stars as retired hairdresser Pat Pitsenbarger, who escapes the confines of his small-town Sandusky, Ohio nursing home after learning of his former client's dying wish for him to style her final hairdo. Soon, Pat embarks on an odyssey to confront the ghosts of his past – and collect the beauty supplies necessary for the job.
Michael Urie, Todd Stephens, Udo Kier, Jennifer Coolidge, Linda Evans, Ira Hawkins, Stephanie McVay
Drama Comedy
VOD / Digital
2 / 5
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88 mins

Sparkling: The Story of Champagne NR

A glamorous love letter to the joys and pleasures of champagne that explores the theory that the English actually invented champagne decades before the French monk Dom Perignon and how climate change is affecting the champagne region
Frank Mannion

Howling Village

After her brother goes missing, a young psychologist visits an infamous haunted and cursed location known as ‘Howling Village’ to investigate his disappearance and uncover her family’s dark history.
Takashi Shimizu, Ayaka Miyoshi, Ryôta Bandô, Megumi Okina, Renji Ishibashi
96 mins

Not Going Quietly NR

A rising star in progressive politics and a new father, 32-year-old Ady Barkan’s life is upended when he is diagnosed with ALS. But after a confrontation with powerful Senator Jeff Flake on an airplane goes viral, catapulting him to national fame, Ady and a motley crew of activists ignite a once-in-a-generation political movement called “Be a Hero.” Together, they barnstorm across the country and empower people to confront their elected officials with emotional, personal stories to demand healthcare justice and Ady holds groundbreaking interviews with Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Through his journey, Ady discovers that collective action and speaking truth to power offers hope for his family and millions of others.
Bradley Whitford, Nicholas Bruckman, Amanda Roddy

Friday, August 13